PAN and PRD require transparency on cancellation of the NAICM | Sexenio

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After a week full of controversy about the cancellation of Mexico City's new international airport (NAICM), the PAN and PRD admonished the future government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador transparent dealing with payments, compensation and mechanisms to be implemented.

The candidate to hold the presidency of the PAN, Marko Cortés, sent back to the next administration to carry out the cancellation of the airport project Texcoco and gambling on the expansion of Saint Lucia

"It was a nonsense and a terrible decision to cancel the project, not only for the public money that will be thrown away, but also for the loss of jobs and payment to affected contractors," he said.

Cortés reiterated that Mexico will be hit in several areas because its credibility is affected by such decisions. The PAN asked López Obrador report on the amount that the state has to pay for the concept of compensation.

For his part, the PRD He also demanded of future leaders for it NAICM in Texcoco to announce the amount of compensation for those affected in accordance with the law.

Estephany Santiago Fernández, PRD Communications Secretary, indicated that the payments must be transparent and fully compliant with the law, without harming the entrepreneurs who have opted for investments in the current country.

"The PRD will always support the side of business and strive to invest in generating jobs for Mexicans in our country," he said and said that the government under Andrés Manuel López Obrador should determine and provide assurance the the entrepreneurs who participate in the construction, "he said.

The cancellation of NAICM is one of the first decisions of the future government of López Obrador in terms of infrastructure, resulting from a campaign promise that eventually became reality after the public consultation that took place at the end of October.

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