PAN will challenge for the TEPJF overrepresentation of Morena

the National Action Party (PAN) will present before the Electoral court of the judiciary of the Federation a challenge against the Morena coalition, & Together, we will write history & # 39 ;, by overrepresentation in the Congress of the Union, the national president of the PAN announced, Damián Zepeda.

"They had one voice, they won majority districts, perfect, you already have them, you can not have more representation in the Congress of the votes you had with multiple elections, it's wrong that you, if you're forty percent of the you have sixty percent, "he said.

In the context of the work of the plenary assembly of delegates, who closed the work of her legislative agenda this Thursday, Zepeda Vidales explained that "if each party had applied the individual, it could be that his argument was valid, but that was not it, they did it as part of a coalition, then they are overrepresented as a coalition, no doubt, for a significant percentage, "he explained.

He indicated that National Action only waited for the determination of the National Institute (INE) with regard to the definition of multi-member elections to formalize the legal story in the coming days.

He noted that "even by trade, the PT (who was an ally of Morena in the presidential election) acknowledges that they had placed candidates who were not theirs, and that they were from Morena, in other words, there is a simulation they have done to be overrepresented. "

He stressed that for this reason "there is no doubt that we are going to win because we have already won local trials".

He added that in this tool that the PAN will present, the argument is simple: "an overrepresentation is forbidden in the Constitution and the spirit is that it does not stay with a multi-party party with more representation in a percent chamber, of the votes that it had".

In another issue, Vidales has ruled out that the association that Margarita Zavala will announce on Saturday to create a political party will lead to the resignation of PAN members.

"Honestly, I do not think she has any time in that logic, she already has a foundation she has been working with for a long time, and she has decided to separate herself from the party, and from that moment on she is an external political actor for us. from the PAN.
Personally, I said that we had a biased political difference, but deep inside I think we share a vision on many issues. You want all people to do well, as long as they act in good faith, well, but a partial concern about the problem does not. I think he's already outside the party, "he said.

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