Panistas defines the coordinator during the plenary session

The elected senators of the PAN are starting their plenary session today to determine, among other things, their legislative agenda and the position they will adopt for the majority of Morena.

In the context of the installation of the ordinary works of the Senate of the Republic it is expected that the PAN legislators will discuss the name of those who will occupy the coordination.

The chosen coordinator is interim, because this position is determined by the national party leadership. The current national leader and senator-elect, Damián Zepeda, will leave his office in the middle of the regular session, on October 20 when his successor is determined, and who can appoint another parliamentary leader.

In the meeting attended by the Senators of the 63rd Legislature, they will also analyze their critical attitude towards the majority of Morena in the Congress of the Union.

On the first day, members of CEN and legislators will discuss issues related to the legislative process, the Senate's powers, the pending and legislative process and PAN's election platform.

The second day of its plenary sessions will address issues such as public finances, public security, attorney general and national anti-corruption system, challenges of the LXIV legislature, social communication and social networks.

The meeting will be attended by, among others, Rafael Moreno Valle; Josefina Vázquez Mota, apologetic for governor of the state of Mexico; Gustavo Madero, who announced that he would like to occupy the coordination again.

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