Panistas executes a march to defend the vote in Monterrey

MONTERREY (appro). Hundreds of PAN members marched through the streets of downtown this morning to demand the defense of the voice in the municipalities of Monterrey and Guadalupe, where their electoral victory was reversed by the State Selector Tribunal (TEE), which eventually gave a majority to the candidates of the PRI.

The candidates from Monterrey and Guadalajara, Felipe de Jesús Cantú and Pedro Garza led the protest, which started from the state steering committee and was on its way to the city palace of Monterrey, where the march was concentrated.

When he left, Mauro Guerra, leader of the PAN in the state, said that the albiazules would defend the victory they received at the ballot box by all means, so that they did not tear off the table, as they said the fiasco of the TEE failed.

The demonstrators waved dozens of flags with the PAN emblem and chanted slogans such as "Respect my voice" and "No PRI anymore".

During the march a black box with the legend of "La Democracia" was transported in a van.

Guerra explained that they will continue the sit-ins that remain on the main squares of the two municipalities until the electoral authority reverses the result that, according to him, should legally grant a majority to those who were National Action Candidates in the July 1 elections.

In the march were also the Senator-elect Víctor Fuentes and the coordinator of the PAN in the local congress, Arturo Salinas.

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