Panistas marched against the & rt; robbery & # 39; in Monterrey and Guadalupe

The National Action Party (PAN) conducted a march through the center of the city against the resolution of the State Electoral Tribunal (TEE) that reversed the victories of Felipe de Jesús Cantú and Pedro Garza in Monterrey and Guadalupe.

About two thousand militants and supporters, supported by albiazul leaders of the city, walked with flags and banners to support the former candidates, screaming slogans such as "Respect my voice, Adrián is a cheat!" And "No PRI anymore!".

With the head of state, Mauro Guerra, and both former candidates at the front, the group of demonstrators from the PAN State Steering Committee left for the Municipal Palace of Monterrey, where they arrived at around 11.30 am.

There Cantu took the opportunity to attack the PRI Adrián de la Garza, which he accused of the candidacies of the Green Party (PVEM), Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) and Partido Nueva Alianza (Panal) to the office of the mayor to have bought, in addition to overlapping delinquency when he was attorney general and later in the council presidency.

"Extortion is the favorite crime of the De la Garza family, it is here in Monterrey that the organized crime of Los Zetas was replaced by that in that office, in that corner of the first floor (of the palace).

"Achieving the majority of the votes is the result of the fatigue of the people, it did not reach them by buying applications from the Green and the Honeycomb, it did not give them the candidacy of MC, and it has them also not reached to win us in the polls, despite the attempted electoral fraud they have done in the squares ", condemned.

Local representatives, such as Arturo Salinas, attended the event; as well as Senator Raúl Gracia and Senator-elect, Víctor Fuentes.

There is PRI-Brunette Agreement: Sources

Víctor Fuentes, senator-elect for the PAN, warned that the next president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will make a pact with the PRI to turn Nuevo León into a "hiding place" for corrupt.

He also asked whether neither the future president nor the governor of the state, Jaime Rodríguez, have spoken out for the actions of the courts that have removed the victory of the elected.

"Here are two questions: where is that independent governor who swore that he would give his life to Nuevo León, that he would give up so that the will of the people would be respected? Where is that governor who cast a million votes three years ago? and reached barely 200,000 today? & # 39;

"And worse, where is Andrés Manuel López Obrador, where is he who has pointed so much to the PRIAN, who has capitalized so much, that he has awarded us so? Where is it? cleanliness, make an alliance with Morena to be able to do and pretend that they make Nuevo Leon a political refuge for the corrupt and thieves of the PRI. We will not allow that.

"The cleanliness you will see that it will take place there unfortunately in Mexico, but we will not allow Nuevo Leon to do it cleanliness"He assured it.

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