Paristas reopen doors of CCH Azcapotzalco; young people come in with login details

After more than three weeks of unemployment, the students who retain control over the College of Science and Humanities (CCH) Azcapotzalco Tuesday have allowed the entrance of the student community and the return of academic life to this campus of UNAM.

At 2.30 pm, parish students, demanding the expulsion of UNAM joints and academic improvements within the institution, opened the door at Avenida Aquiles Serdán and granted access

The students, who were waiting outside the CCH Azcapotzalco, entered the campus in an orderly manner and with log-in data in their hand. Photo's of the moment show how young men with a hood judged the identity of young people.

However, the parista students reported that the school facilities remain under their control until the full 10-point list was respected last week signed by the UNAM rector, Enrique Graue.

In the same way they asked to be taken into account in the election of the new director of this school, after the resignation of the director Maria Guadalupe Patricia Marquez, who left his post after the paristas asked for his resignation.

Temporarily the direction of the CCH was taken by Benjamín Barajas Sánchez, the current general director of the College of Sciences and Humanities of the highest academic institution in the country.

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