Peña attributes the PRI to a worldwide anti-systemic climate and that Meade "did not work"

MEXICO CITY (APR). – Although the approval levels are around 20%, the lowest for a president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, said that that was not what led his party to the worst debacle of his history and the victory of his candidate, José Antonio Meade, but because "there is an anti-systemic climate in the world, where traditional parties no longer have support".

He admitted that the PRI was aware of the wear and tear he had and was looking for "a non-traditional option, different from that of someone of the pure priismo, and that is why the PRI amended its statutes to give room to a civilian candidate, responsibility that fell on Meade.

He called him an extraordinary employee and a trained person with a long career in public service, but he admitted that the strategy did not work.

In an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva for Grupo Imagen, Peña Nieto repeatedly denied responsibility for the defeat of 1 July and insisted that it should be part of democracy and the erosion of the exercise of the government.

-What happened on July 1? Why the 30 million votes for López Obrador, why so few votes for the PRI? – asked the journalist.

– It is part of democracy. Every democracy generates a competition between political forces. The election comes to reaffirm how robust our democracy is. But let us not forget that there are never victories or never be defeated – Peña Nieto considered

-But you had 20% popularity in the polls. Was not the most important factor in the defeat? – the journalist revolted.

And the president justified:

"It is clear that those who suffer from your server appreciate it."

The chief executive said his personal consideration is that the perception Mexicans have of their performance, although it could have an impact on the result, was not the main reason.

"Today, in the world, the approval levels of a head of state, of a president, are not exactly the same as in the past, and I'm not saying that these levels have not affected the outcome." What I am aware is that governance exercise is worn out and more if you plan to promote transformations and make structural changes, as our decision was, "he said.

– The defeat was therefore not due to the factor-urged Gómez Leyva from Peña Nieto.

-No, I attribute it to the wear and tear of the government exercise. And that there is an anti-systemic climate in the world, where traditional parties no longer have support. If you notice, the three political forces that received more support six years ago (PRI, PAN and PRD) did very badly. We undoubtedly had mistakes, but we can not ignore the antisystemic climate and the wear and tear involved in the exercise of government, "he emphasized.

With that analysis he was asked whether Meade Kuribreña was in fact the best candidate.

He replied:

"José Antonio Meade was my employee, an extraordinary employee and a trained person with a long career in public service.The PRI, aware of the wear and tear it had, was looking for a non-traditional option, an option that was different from that of someone of pure priesthood For this very reason, the PRI has adapted its statutes to give room to a candidate citizen.

-It did not work?

– In this case it did not work. Unfortunately it did not work.


-no. But ultimately it is healthy in democracy that today there is an elected government with broad social support, the president justified.

In the interview, in order to express the question, Peña Nieto rejected that Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong and José Narro, who aspired to the presidential candidacy, had betrayed Meade and the PRI during the election process.

"There is absolutely nothing to claim one of them, what I saw, what I observed, what I knew was that what everyone else did in their job absolutely supported the candidate who led my party," he said.

– It is the perception that two relevant persons, precandidates, were not institutional, did not join Meade's candidacy or project, or did not do it with the force that seemed to impose a moment like it approaching. I aim at Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong and José Narro Robles – asked Gómez Leyva.

– I observed and appreciated something else. As far as they are concerned, I noticed a very institutional attitude in support of the project that promoted the PRI. That is what I appreciate. Of course there will be those who can equal my vision and those who have another. But from my point of view, what I saw, what I observed, what I knew was that what everyone was doing was absolutely support for the candidate who led my party.

– Nothing to claim one of the two?

Absolutely nothing.

Peña's grandson confirmed that the PRI postulated a candidate "very solid, but in a democracy it was won and lost, and in this case it was lost." I speak as a militant of my party, because as president of the republic I have to electoral contest of politeness, great social harmony, great participation, "he said.

As for his successor, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that although he has a cordial treatment with him, he maintains clear differences and his project, although he avoided parallels with the Venezuelan cause.

Peña Nieto acknowledged that he can not initiate the Mexico Toluca train and, at best, as long as the government of López Obrador continues the work, the train will be operational in one and a half years.

From the delay he accused "coyotes, upstarts and opportunists who became a real extortion".

As far as his future is concerned, he said that he will stay in Mexico and although he does not know what he is going to do, he said that politics is not an option.

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