Peña recognizes the forces of Mexico for his work

When supplying the facilities of the Advanced Training Center of the Mexican Navy, President Enrique Peña Nieto said: "in defense of our sovereignty, in the fight against threats to our security or to alleviate our population in the event of a disaster, the members of the army and the navy of Mexico have distinguished themselves for their courage and commitment ".

He pointed out that in the light of the progress in the operational capacity of our soldiers, pilots and sailors and the results they have produced, I have no doubt that this has also been the six-year period in which we have our forces. strengthens.

From his perspective, "the responsiveness and professionalism of our forces offer the Mexicans enlightenment and peace".

Accompanied by the governor of the state of Mexico, the owners of Sedena and Marina, as well as Semarnat, the Chief Executive explained with the Training Center: "With 90 hectares where they can acquire skills, discipline and capacity and prepare for the tasks that entrusted to them, "the Navy of Mexico" is at the forefront of the training of seafarers. "

He noted that during this six-year period, "the Navy of Mexico assumed an active role and increased responsibility in national development.

In this government he said: "We have asked the Marines of Mexico to strengthen the functions of the coastguard.The naval search, rescue and maritime surveillance stations increased their operational capacity by 70 percent, which resulted in the rescue of three thousand 600 people and the support of more than two thousand ships. "

"In this government we have asked the sailors of Mexico to play a leading role in the tasks of internal security: our sailors have participated in nearly 50 thousand operations in favor of peace and security," he said.

He said that "the greater responsibilities that the Navy of Mexico undertook during this government demanded greater investment in training and equipment."

"It is an act of basic justice: the sailors, as well as our soldiers and pilots, take care of us, so we have Mexicans the duty to take care of every member of our forces," he said.

In his speech, Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz, Secretary of the Navy, said that the Advanced Training Center strengthens the strategic capacity of naval vessels.


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