PGR opens the door for Javier Duarte to be tried in freedom

the Attorney General (PGR) opened the door to the former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, so you can approach your trial in freedom, because of the reclassification of the crime of organized crime by onecriminal sociation.

The Mexican prosecutor also accuses Duarte of money laundering. Both crimes are not considered serious, so they do not need preventive detention on their own initiative.

However, the PGR will ask the judge to take precautionary measures against the risk that Duarte will flee if preventive detention is applied.

Judicial authorities confirmed to The financial that the PGR has informed the court that it will maintain the evidence that it made against the ex-governor of Veracruz on 23 June 2017.

On that occasion, officials from the PGR and the Ministry of Finance, headed by the owner of the Deputy Attorney General Specializing in Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO), Israel Lira, accused Duarte of being the leader of a criminal network that overthrew the millionaire's public funds through a complex network.

According to the report, they reported that a deviation of 1,670 million pesos from the Veracruz Treasury was documented, but that the loss could amount to three thousand 148 million pesos.

He warned that the looted resources of the treasury through the & # 39; front companies & # 39; to the financial system were introduced, also used for the purchase of multiple properties, all to make the money seemingly legal.

The head of the SEIDO explained on that occasion that the network, led by Duarte, used two important companies, Brades Consortium and Terra Urbanizers, which were funded by 27 & # 39; front companies & # 39; and money launderers.

The PGR announced that it had 82 "evidence" to prove that the former member of the PRI was leader of the aforementioned criminal network, which, with the formal accusation, must be sustained and proven for a control judge.

The judge will determine during a hearing that this will be held on a date to be determined, if the proof of the PGR is sufficient to be able to deal with the case orally or simply.

Among the test data that the PGR claimed to have, is the statement of four friends and former employees of Duarte, public documents of the creation of companies, bank statements, even of institutions abroad, and public deeds of companies.

It should be noted that the former governor of Veracruz was arrested in Guatemala in April 2017 and extradited to Mexico in July of the same year. Since then, he remains imprisoned in the preventive prison of North Men in Mexico City.

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