Policewoman and transit official frustrate kidnapping at Venustiano Carranza (VIDEO)

August 18, 2018

The uniformed shoots at one of the four criminals; Two managed to escape.

Twitter: @SSP_CDMX [GisterenmiddageenpolitieagentevanhetsecretariaatvandeopenbareveiligheidvanMexico-Stadeneendoorgangsambtenaarhebbendeontvoeringvaneen59-jarigemaninEduardotegengewerktMolinaeninterieurcircuitperimetervandekolonie20novembervandedelegatievanVenustianoCarranza[19659004] According to the first reports, around 17:00, a transit element marked the intermediate step for the four crew members of a gray Buick Enclave, for obstructing the closed lane.

"He told me that he was bringing his father-in-law to the doctor, he made me a suspect and asked him to get out of the vehicle and at the same time I asked for my support," said the uniformed man.

When I approached the vehicle, I heard the call for help from the victim who came from inside the vehicle: "They kidnapped me", the man said.

However, at that time the police arrived at Ana L. and one of the subjects took a pistol and pointed, but she reacted and opened fire on him, injuring him in the right shoulder and in the left hand.

Two of the hijackers they managed to escape, while their other two accomplices went through the Topographerraat, where the wounded criminal was subjected by the police, while the other uniformed men chased the other alleged kidnapper.

The two subjects, identified as Alberto E. of 33 years and Humberto C., aged 30, were transferred to the Balbuena Hospital, as detainees.

Meanwhile, the kidnapped man, who claimed to dedicate himself to the purchase and sale of cars, was transferred to the corresponding office of the Public Prosecutor's Office, where a folder with investigation of kidnapping was initiated.

The van, with signs NCU-8157, where the criminals were transferred, was insured according to Milenio.

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