Presumably mobile thief, subject beaten on Metro stairs by more than 10 police officers

This weekend a video began to circulate in which a group of police officers suppressed a civilian at Zócalo station, located on line 2 of the metro; the recording shows the moment when more than a dozen agents hit the subject.

The Collective Transport System indicated that the Metro authorities detected people with a suspicious attitude on the platform of the Zócalo station, for which they called the strategic response group of the Banking and Business Police.

The police discovered a person who in previous cases had already been referred to the Public Prosecution Service for the theft of mobile phones.

"A group of women mistreated the police when they tried to convey the suspected criminal, pretending to run away," said the subway.

During the fight two elements of the banking and industrial police were injured.

The Metro also reported that the incident had already been investigated by the Police Department of the Interior to explain the parties involved.

The recording shows how the policemen throw the subject on one of the steps of the station, kick him and kick him, while they listen to the female voice and ask him to leave him.

The police officers leave and leave the subject on the ground, a group of women comes to check it and a policewoman approaches to coordinate the medical services.

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