PRI, PRD, MC and PAN will dispute the division of plurinomials in Congress

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the PRI, the PAN, PRD and Citizens' movement they have announced that will challenge the presentation of multi-party delegatesthey have considered that brunette commits fraud with the law when applied to his militants for other parties.

The parties accused that there is an overrepresentation in the Chamber of Deputies, since the coalition Together we will write history he obtained 43 percent of the votes and they will reach 62 percent representation in San Lázaro.

The PRD representative, Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, said that it can not be done "blindly" and that there are similar cases of those nominated by another party to which they are active, the same criteria must be applied, including Miguel Ángel Mancera.

the Labor Party he sent a final request to the INE nine multiple deputies and it was dissolved from 36 deputies chosen who have applied for the coalition agreement, but who are actually militants of Morena.

Guadalupe Acosta read fragments of the participations of the contemporary Morenoites Pablo Gómez and Horacio Duarte, in a session of the General Council in 2015, when they as PRD deputies the existence of deputies "watermelon", postulated by the Green party, but in reality they were PRI militants.

He assured that there are up to 80 substitutes appointed by the PT and Encuentro Socialque actually come from Morena.

The General Council of the INE approved the allocation of deputies and senators through the multi-member system, a total of 192 delegates to Morena, 81 to the PAN and 61 to the Labor Party.

In the Senate, Morena also confirms its majority with 55 of 128 seats, the PAN will have 23 and the PRI will have 13.

The parties dissatisfied with this configuration of the congress for the allocation of deputies and senators plurinominales tThey have five more days to go before the Electoral Court of the Judiciary of the Federation to confirm their disagreements, which must be resolved prior to the installation of the Congress.

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