Prosecutor announces the capture of ex-policemen involved in forced disappearances in Veracruz

XALAPA, Ver. (Appro) .- The attorney general's office confirmed Tuesday the capture of six former ex-policemen and the former commander of the Reaction Force group of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), José López Cervantes, alias "Comandante Black "for his alleged participation in the enforced disappearance of two young people at the checkpoint" Los Arenales ", located on the Boulevard Xalapa-Coatepec, on 1 April 2013.

Jorge Winckler Ortiz, head of the FGE, explained that the "commander Black", who reportedly was in charge of an illegal extermination cell, along with the SSP state commander, Jesus Osiel "N", instructed his subordinates to send the victims to the Special Forces group of the SSP known as "The Faithful".

The members of this group had transferred their victims to the Police College of "El Lencero" and since then their whereabouts are unknown. Winckler said the ex-policemen were arrested in a simultaneous operation in Xalapa, Coatepec, Jilotepec and Córdoba.

The detainees respond to the names of Jesus Osiel "N", alias "Uranus"; Alberto Francisco "N"; Ana "N"; Benjamin "N"; Alejo "N", alias "El Clarín", and Ricardo "N".

"They were put at the disposal of the Court of First Instance, where the constitutional term runs, and can be punished with imprisonment up to 60 years," said the official.

In addition to Luis Eduardo Coronel Gamboa, special prosecutors in the care for complaints about missing persons and Jorge Arturo Rodríguez Pucheta, general director of the ministerial police, Winckler Ortiz repeated the systematic pattern of forced disappearances registered in the period 2011 and 2016.

"This case shows that the checkpoints responsible for the SSP, during the administration of former governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa, were used to remove people with violence, with participation of the elite group of the former minister of Public Security, Arturo. Bermúdez Zurita, "he said. Winckler Ortiz.

To date they are interned in the regional prison of Pacho Viejo, in Coatepec – also doomed by enforced disappearance -, the former director of Fuerza Civil and leader of the extermination group "Los Fieles", Roberto González Meza, and 16 ex-policemen, including José López Cervantes, also known as "El Black".

Since last February, governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares has asked the FGE to continue collecting evidence, so that the 19 ex-policemen -including three ex-commanders-who are accused of the crime of enforced disappearance, "never leave prison" ".

In a message broadcast by Radio Television of Veracruz, Yunes said that there are "enough elements" to prove that these "corrupt police officers" were at the service of organized crime.

Yunes Linares stressed that "despite the criticism" against Attorney General Jorge Winckler, today the ex-secretary of public security, Arturo Bermúdez, is already in prison; the former director of Prevention and Social Reintegration, Óscar Tirado Sánchez; the ex-director of the Civil Force, Roberto González Meza, as well as 16 operational exelements.

"While unjustly criticizing him (with regard to Collectives or Disappeared and press), the prosecutor tried to prove that police and bad orders were deprived of the freedom and the right to live many people," the governor justified.

To date, the ex-assistant secretary of public security, Nabor Nava Holguín, whose homes in Xalapa and Veracruz have been looked for for a semester, remains a fugitive proponent of justice.

Through Nava, the Yunes government offers a reward of a million pesos to anyone who has helped find their whereabouts and fears.

"Today we have results, we have taken a big step towards restoring the rule of law, this government does not serve criminals," Yunes Linares said.

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