PVEM goes for the abolition of bullfighting in CDMX

PVEM goes for the abolition of bullfighting in CDMX

The PVEM initiative was supported by Morena, PAN and PRD; It was rejected by the PRI. Photo: Cuartoscuro


An initiative to prohibit bullfighting in Mexico City was the one that was presented at the Mexico City Congress, the Member Alessandra Cortés de la Vega, of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), who argued that it is inadmissible to continue to allow a show that violates the rights of animals.

Nor we can continue to use an animal, a non-human living being, to sacrifice it, hurt it, and torture it in the form of entertainment"said the vice-coordinator of the PVEM at the local congress, Alessandra Rojo de la Vega, at a press conference.

"How we explain a boy or a girl, our childrenwhat we do there (in an arena), that we stop a bull in a closed place to hurt him, bleed him, torture him and eventually kill him? ", he argued.

I could not imagine my daughter explaining that this is a tradition or that it is a culture, "he added.

In a press conference, the local deputy of the PVEM, Teresa Ramos, argued that she expected count on the support of all the political groups to approve this reform to the general law of public spectacles of Mexico City.

We are for ban the runs of allIt has been a struggle that the Green Party has faced from the beginning, we have already achieved it in some states of the Republic and one of our goals is to reach it in this legislature, and not only in this legislature, but in the first session "said the deputy of the PVEM, Teresa Ramos.

While Jesús Sesma, coordinator of legislative affairs of the PVEM, explained that The only group that did not subscribe to the initiative was the PRI.

The only party that has not endorsed it and we are going to try to convince them that they can support us, not the Green Party but the non-human beings, is the PRI, we do not understand their position and respect them, but we had people from the PAN, Morena, from the PRD and the PT; and there we have a substitute for the PES that makes noise so that it does not come out, "said Jesus Sesma.

Sesma said that the bank of the party in the Mexico City Congress will also present reforms in the Civil Code, so that this will happen in the future. Bullfighting, not only punish with fines, but with a prison sentence.

Rojo de la Vega indicated that an agreement will be presented next week to carry out a count to determine the number of fighting bulls throughout Mexico.

This will serve as a basis for proposing concrete solutions to the destination that these animals can and should have, "he said.

Teresa Ramos added that the Initiative seeks sanctions with the equivalent of 644 thousand 800 pesos "whoever celebrates and perform clandestine shows audience abuse, torture or taking bulls, bulls and calves from life"

The Green Ecologist's proposal includes holding forums to listen to all parties and, if approved, the ban comes into effect six months after the publication of the law.

According to data from the political party, in Mexico, more than 70% of the population is in favor of abolishing bullfighting, ratio that is similar in Mexico City.

In Mexico, banned the celebration of bullfighting in the states of Sonora, Guerrero and Coahuila.

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