"Queman" to Elba and Nuño

Members of CNTE "close" building of the SEP

CITY OF MEXICO. – After a symbolic closure of the head office of the Secretariat for Public Education (SEP), in the Historical Center, teachers associated with the National Coordination of Educational Workers (CNTE) burned figures yesterday, representing Elba Esther Gordillo and Aurelio Nuño.

The ex-leader of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) was "burned" because of her return on August 20 and her possible attempt to regain control over the teacher organization.

The figure of the former Minister of Education got fire in retaliation because he was the main engine behind the reform of education.

The dissidents of Sections 9, 10 and 11, attached to the CNTE, explained that they will hold demonstrations against this dependence and the reform until December 1, when the administration starts under Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

During the protest, leader Roberto Gomez called on teachers to boycott the evaluation process for the planned stay in November.

The teacher said that Elba Esther Gordillo, who was released from deprivation of liberty, acquitted of the crimes of using illegal proceeds or money laundering and organized crime, should do nothing to get closer to club life.

"We want to make clear that for the doctrine of Mexico City and the whole country, the reception of total rejection of the great charra, we do not accept cacicazgo.We do not need it during the whole process of struggle, Elba Esther Gordillo & # 39; s only place is the prison, "he said during the protest.

They will release co-defendants

In another issue, a federal judge ordered the immediate release of Isaías Gallardo Chávez and José Manuel Díaz Flores, accused of organized crime and operations with drugs of illicit origin in the lawsuit that followed Elba Esther Gordillo.

Both were appointed by the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic (PGR) as financiers of the former teachers' union.

Despite the resolution of Xucotzin, Karla Montes Ortega, the sixth district judge in federal criminal cases, will not be released immediately because they have had various trials for the crime of tax fraud. Excelsior and political animal

In order to be able to leave the Reclusorio Oriente, it is necessary for their defenders to request and manage these trials for temporary freedom.

According to the antecedents of the case, two other legal proceedings against tax fraud are being filed against Gallardo for 38 million 6 thousand 162 pesos and 14 million 444 thousand 501 pesos.

In so many, against Diaz Flores other three trials are being instructed by tax fraud rising to 39 million 51 thousand 652 pesos; 15 million 896 thousand 677 pesos and 245 thousand 180 pesos, respectively.

According to the PGR's accusation, Elba benefited Esther from 1,978 million pesos, through financial transfers by three people close to her.

Judge Montes Ortega concluded that there were no elements that would enable the defendants to follow the same arguments with which the former leader of the National Union of Educational Workers (SNTE) regained her freedom on 7 August.

That is, he applied the same criteria as magistrate Miguel Ángel Aguilar López, who claimed that the remedies that accused them of having Gordillo were not really of illegal origin, because they had been legally approved by SNTE.

Because the bank data with which they were accused, in addition, obtained the PGR without a court order, in violation of a criterion of the Supreme Court of the Nation.

Because the evidence of the crime of money laundering was illegal and the origin of the money was legal, the crime of organized crime could not occur, which is why Elba and now his associate have been released first.

The only person who still does not get the cancellation of the organized crime and washing process is Nora Ugarte Ramirez, who has the status of protected witness and is locked up in the federal women's criminal court of Morelos.

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