Rector of the University of Guanajuato promises to denounce all cases of sexual harassment

GUANAJUATO, Gto., (Apro) .- After a private meeting of more than two hours and listening to the voice of a group of students, the intimidation situations were reported by a group of professors from the Department of Social Sciences of the Campus León, the Rector General of the University of Guanajuato, Luis Felipe Guerrero Agripino, is committed to relieving every issue and working on the eradication of these practices in the home of studies.

This was the moment "to acknowledge that we have a way to go, that we must be humble and listen, and now that we have new rules in sight, it is the opportunity to review institutional instruments," he admitted.

The Las Libres Center will continue to advise the victims in this process and, together with the university authorities, will work on the reforms "so that the UG is free from intimidation and insurance for women," said the director, Verónica Cruz Sánchez.

The civil organization has accompanied the group of students to, first, make a public complaint on Tuesday, August 14 for omitting the authorities of the Department of Social Sciences and Campus and then, in the approach with the rectoral general, for whom He confirmed that at least four Campus León officials were aware of the intimidation situations in which the students lived and did not activate the protocol for gender-based violence, nor did they report the UGénero, a body set up to deal with the complaints.

The Collective of Students UG in Sorority exposed the cases in the press conference to represent their compañeras, in the risk of being retaliated by the professors or the authorities of the state university.

The accused professors are: Alejandro Klein Caballero, Armando Chaguaceda Noriega, Gustavo Garabito Ballesteros, Daniel Tagle Zamora, Jacobo Becerra Rodríguez and Juan José Russo Foresto, who teach in degrees in anthropology, social work and sociology.

After the press conference on Tuesday 14, the professors did not show up in the classrooms of the Social Sciences Division to give their lessons, according to the students, who, after disclosing the behaviors against them, obtained the devotion of the rector. general to receive them.

Guerrero Agripino, for example, agreed with the victims and the director of Las Libres to provide timely follow-up to each of the 17 cases mentioned, as well as to those at the Monday meeting in a hall of the central building of the University of Guanajuato. that they are gradually added and directed to the Committee of Honor and Justice.

"We have set up a dialogue with the students, they have given us details on a few things, (there is) the complete decision of the organization and the students to give the corresponding follow-up, and our absolute institutional commitment to do everything. some of the University of Guanajuato's scope of eradicating, preventing and punishing any expression of gender violence, hostility, disrespect on the university's campuses, "said Guerrero Agripino.

In addition, the rector has taken precautions to ensure that students do not fall victim to persecution or reprisals by teachers and to preserve their identity, especially as academics will continue to attend their classes while investigations remain unburned.

The director of Las Libres, Verónica Cruz, described historically the possibility to count on the commitment of the highest authority of the UG to prevent and eradicate intimidation in the institution, "a structural problem in the universities of the world, Mexico and Guanajuato, it is not the exception. "

He added: "The university authorities, such as the students, such as the Free who have supervised this process, have collectively committed themselves to solving the problem and that the university is free of bullying and a safe place for women."

Cruz Sánchez said he expects this process to take no longer than six months. Then the rector announced that the care process for the gender equality of the UG will be revised, so that "it does not bureaucratize the pain of the victims".

At the end of the meeting, on the central patio and stairs of the main building of the University of Guanajuato, members of the Collective Alumnas UG in Sorority held a protest with banners condemning sexual harassment.

"No university can speak of prestige if it still tolerates and hides stalkers. #SoyacosoUG," said one of the placards.

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