Regional Hall removes deputation from Melissa Torres, daughter-in-law of Graco Ramírez

Mexico City /

The Regional Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Legal Department of the Federation withdrew the plurinominal local deputation to Melissa Torres Sandoval, who led the list of proportional representatives of the PRD-PSD coalition.

The magistrates were of the opinion that Torres Sandoval was not the constitutional requirement of five years of effective stay in Morelos.

The foregoing, because the presented evidence shows that in 2015, as a result of his registration as a candidate for the federal delegate for the Social Encounter Party, it resided in the state of Mexico, a situation that is in contrast to what is laid down in the certificate that this has been issued year by the city council of Cuernavaca indicating that it has been living in that city for five years, ie since 2013.

The majority of the members of the Regional Chamber felt that the information in the document submitted to obtain registration was incorrect and contradictory, which meant that the candidate was not eligible.

That is why she renounced the decision of the Electoral Court of Morelos that declared the issue of the certificate of assignment to Torres Sandoval as a substitute member valid.

In the resolution, the magistrates indicated that the court did not appreciate the evidence of the Social Meeting that its deputation disputed.

Torres Sandoval is currently a federal representative for the New Alliance party.

The wife of the former PRD-PSD candidate for the governor of Morelos, Rodrigo Gayosso Cepeda, is a member of five committees in the Chamber of Deputies.


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