Roberto Borge, former government official, is stuck in Mérida

The public prosecutor Quintana Roo He carried out an arrest warrant against the ex officio from the government of Roberto Borge, Mario "N", for his probable responsibility in the crime of embezzlement.

In a statement, the prosecution reported that the arrest was done in Merida, Yucatán, in collaboration with local authorities.

The public prosecutor's office added that the corresponding procedure is being carried out Transmission.

Embargan 22 properties to the mother of Roberto Borge

The ex-secretary of the Roberto Borge government is being held in Quintana Roo

Gabriel Mendicuti Loría, Secretary-General of the former governor's government Roberto Borge Angulo, was arrested Saturday night by the Office of Quintana Roo, in front of loss of property of 534 million pesos.

The crime is that of irregular execution of public functions. Search to be connected to the process and also to ask for some precautionary measures, "said Miguel Ángel Pech, Attorney General of Quintana Roo.

He is also former mayor of Municipality solidarity was admitted to Center for Social Reintegration of Chetumal.

There was one arrest warrant against him, after the medical certification the suspect was transferred to the judge who needs it in the city of Amsterdam Chetumal"Miguel Ángel Pech explained.

From the administration of Roberto Borge arrested between 2017 and 2018:

– The former governor of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge Angulo, arrested in Panama on 4 June and delivered to Mexico on 4 January; is trapped in the Federal Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Morelos,

-Roosevelt Ercé Barrón Barrera, treasurer of former governor Roberto Borge, arrested by Interpol and immigration authorities at the international airport of Tijuana; is held in the CERESO of Chetumal.

They recommend preventive detention to Roberto Borge; he is transferred to Cefereso de Morelos

-Carlos Acosta Gutiérrez, former director of Servicios Aereos Ejecutivos, for alleged deviation of 320 million pesos.

-Mauricio Rodríguez Marrufo, secretary for urban development Roberto Borge,from whom was released CERESO de Chetumal after paying a bail of 40 million pesos.

-Paulina García Achach, Minister for Development and Housing, who was released through protection.

There are other co-suspects who must be arrested in due time and brought to court, "said the Attorney General of Quintana Roo.

The determination is that they can return the largest number of goods and resources from the state and from the Quintana Roo, "said Carlos Mario Villanueva, president of the Justice Commission of the Quintana Roo Congress.

the PGR attributes an eclipse to the treasury of Quintana Roo 900 million pesos and they are accused, in addition to other crimes, of former employees of Roberto Borge for its probable participation of operations with refuge from illegal origin in the form of concealment of property and loss of assets.

They present 89 proofs against Roberto Borge for irregular sale of property

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