Rubén Moreira accused by deviation of 390 mdp in Coahuila

Torreón.- During the administration of former President Rubén Moreira, the Coahuila government retained no more than 390 million pesos on federal shares that corresponded to the municipalities, which, according to PAN legislator María Eugenia Cázares, could result in a criminal complaint by diverting resources.

Last Tuesday, the state's top representative, Armando Plata, met with the Congressional Audit and Finance Committee, where he reported that the state government had not spent 142 million pesos on federal shares at the end of 2016, which he still owed is 18 municipalities. While in 2017 the number is 250 million 422 thousand pesos.

"It is not possible that if the federal government complies with the coordination agreement, the state will not do this, it has the obligation to reduce the funds to the municipalities, it is an important income for many municipalities. delivered to the state in a timely manner, if they devote it to other matters, it is a deviation, "said the deputy sheriff.

Cázares, coordinator of the Finance Commission and member of the Commission for Public Audit and Public Accounts, reported that there is a responsibility of the officials who have taken the arbitrary decision not to reduce these funds, regardless of whether the current state government covers the debit. .

"The auditor spoke of at least administrative sanctions, from a warning to a segregation of office, when we have the documents, we have the official statement before the committee, in a public place we have to see who is going to be the head of the executive. reported, "said Cázares.

According to the deputy, the accountant informed them that they already formally paid the 2016 debts in this year, but not that of 2017. He also told them that there are several coordination agreements between the state and some municipalities on tax matters. "The municipalities pay, but according to the auditor they prefer to be deducted," he said.

Among the municipalities to which we paid the shares at the end of 2016 are Lamadrid, Progreso, General Cepeda, Allende, Hidalgo, Viesca, Candela, Ocampo, Morelos, San Juan de Sabinas, Juarez, Cuatrociénegas, Swimmers, Villa Union, Saltillo, Guerrero and Torreón.

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