Ruiz Massieu calls for election of leader

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Almost two months after the worst election defeat of the PRI and less than a week after the untimely departure of Rubén Moreira as secretary-general, the national leader of the tricolor, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, convened extraordinary elections to re-elect that the 2015-2019 period will close.

According to the call, those who are interested in participating in the elections must register on Monday 20 before the National Commission of Internal Processes.

  • The National Political Council will be responsible for choosing the new leadership on Tuesday, August 21st.

Ruiz Massieu can register because it has not been ratified by the National Political Council as national president and has not been in office for more than four months.

August 2015, Manlio Fabio Beltrones and Carolina Monroy del Mazo were elected National Leader and Secretary General of the Institutional Revolutionary.

However, in the face of the PRI In 2016 Beltrones decided to resign and a few days later Enrique Ochoa Reza arrived in the leadership, who in March 2017 appointed Claudia Ruiz Massieu-secretary of the Organization to later call the general secretariat to leave behind, left by Carolina Monroy.

May 2018, Ochoa Reza left the leadership and arrived, "with priority", René Juárez who had been appointed was a member of the Organization for a few hours and to reach the lead, the Secretary-General, Claudia Ruiz Massieu and the then Secretary of the Organization separated. his costs for a few hours.

On 16 July, the former Governor of Guerrero also resigned from the leadership and "with priority" Claudia Ruiz Massieu arrived for the presidency.

The former foreign minister was ratified only by the Permanent Political Commission and not by the National Political Council (CPN).

This movement within the party also takes place after the recent resignation of Rubén Moreira a la Secre General, less than a month to take up this position.

The leader gave the call to choose who should complete the legal period 2015-2019 and whoever strives to register next Monday for the National Commission of Internal Processing between 19.30 and 20.00, and provide the corresponding documentation with the signing of support from organizations and sectors; territorial structure; national counselors and related persons who are registered in the party register.

Upon completion of the registration, assessment and evaluation will be performed to determine who meets the requirements.

The council members will vote at the polling station and the elect will lodge a legal protest in the same extraordinary session.

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