Ruiz Massieu registers as a candidate to lead the PRI

Mexico City /

Claudia Ruiz Massieu asked this evening for the National Commission of Internal Processes of the PRI his registration as a candidate for the national party presidency.

Next to Ruiz Massieu, the twofold PRI federal delegate was presented Rogelio Audiffred, which has only accredited two of the 16 requirements set out in the call.

The National Political Council of the PRI met at seven o'clock in the morning to vote on the opinion of the National Commission for Internal Processes.

In your case Ruiz Massieu will be the presidency from the National Executive Committee of the PRI until August 2019, to close the period for which it was originally chosen Manlio Fabio Beltrones.

Audiffred denounced a flawed lawsuit and said that the current interim president of the party is a judge and also part of the trial.

"It can not be chosen under any circumstances, nor can it be ratified by the National Political Council because it violates an elementary principle of law (…), it can not be a judge and a party," said Audiffred.

The chairman of the National Internal Commission Committee of the PRI, Rubén Scanned, said that they will review the documentation of Ruiz Massieu and Audiffred.

"We are going to look at the documentation, wait for the deadlines to be met and issue the accompanying advice, so that tomorrow we will vote in the National Political Council," he said.


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