Run a woman waiting for transport in the south

Saturday afternoon a woman was killed shots passed Peripheral ring, at his junction with Forest street, in the Colonia Arenal Guadalupe, Tlalpan delegation, while I waited for public transportaccording to the first reports.

The woman between 35 and 40 years old of age, of whom his identity is unknown, he I was in front of a funeral organization, in anticipation of public transport, when it suddenly happened attacked from a moving car, according to some witnesses.

The murder was recorded around 17.00 when the woman was shot from a moving car in an apparent direct aggressionbecause his body was on the couch dike with all being belongings.

After committing the attack, where the woman received for less eight bullet impacts, the vehicle he continued his way with address to Viaduct Tlalpan.

when paramedics they came to the place where they controlled the woman and they determined that I had no vital signs, so elements of the Secretariat of the public security of Mexico City (SSPCDMX) deposited and the circulation of side rails from Periférico Sur.

the Attorney General Capitalina noted that an investigation has already begun in this respect.

Cancellation in one!

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