Saltillo: between 5 cities with a better quality of life

According to the study "Misable Cities of Mexico presented by Liébano Senz, chairman of the Strategic Communications Cabinet, Saltillo is located between the five cities with the highest quality of life, in which it is also notable that the local president Manolo Jiménez is being evaluated. best five mayors of the country.

A few days ago Saltillo was in second place in a row as the second safest city in the country, according to Inegi.

Based on the evaluation conducted by the Strategic Communications Office, in which more than 30,000 Mexicans from the 76 most populous cities in the country are interviewed, Saltillo shares the five best evaluations, together with municipalities such as San Pedro Garza Garca and San Nicols de los Garza. and Guadalupe, Nuevo Len.

Respondents also recommended living in San Pedro Garza Garca, Merida, Saltillo, Mazatlan and Aguascalientes.

This study took into account the Social Cohesion Index, Quality of Life; that of evaluation to mayors and that of Satisfaction with the Municipal Services.

Perception of its inhabitants

In the evaluation of public services, drainage, lighting and public areas were measured, as well as the services of paving, health and access to public internet.

According to Liébano Senz, president of the Strategic Communications Cabinet, this work allows us to know the cities that offer the best growth opportunities in the next 10 years, and to record that the results of this measurement are based on the perception of the inhabitants.

On the satisfaction of the performance of the municipal presidents, best qualified were the mayors of Mérida, Chihuahua, San Nicols de los Garza, Saltillo and Ciudad Jurez.

Meanwhile, the study located in the last places of satisfaction to municipalities such as Chimalhuacn, Nezahualcyotl, Ecatepec, in the state of Mexico, and the delegations Milpa Alta and Tlhuac, in Mexico City, based on the survey on the most livable cities 2018, the sixth annual of its kind.

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