Salud de Michoacán confirms "side effect" in 9 women who gave birth

Morelia.- With respect to the nine women treated for various symptoms after childbirth in the General Hospital "Miguel Silva de Morelia", the Ministry of Health of Michoacán (SSM) confirmed that it was one "Update".

He explained that this is an "undesirable incident" an unexpected fact, not related to the natural history of the disease or in this case of pregnancy.

As reported by EL UNIVERSAL, the state agency recognized that a group of women was present symptoms that are different from those of a postpartum, after they left the operating room.

Among the symptoms are: severe headache, fever, tremors and, in some cases, convulsions, reported family members.

Without giving details about the causes, the SSM said that on the basis of the first investigations everything points to the "undesirable incident" It could be derived from the anesthesia that was applied to the patients.

Through a statement, the Department of Health said in the entity that nine patients were being treated in the gynecology area, from the General Hospital of Morelia, with those symptoms.

Of the total, the unit reported that eight of them entered the past weekend due to pregnancy and one because of incomplete abortion.

He described that the patients were attended by obstetric procedures with epidural anesthesia and presented symptoms such as headache and nausea, eight are stable.

The state agency said that of these eight cases, at present, none of the newborns are at risk.

However, he quotes the document, one of which presents complications that are secondary to the type of evolution prior to his arrival at the hospital, so his prognosis is reserved.

"To conduct a full study according to hospital protocols in case of adverse events and to rule out an infectious problem, it was determined that the use of operating rooms for surgery and the three operating rooms where they are treated for at least 72 hours is limited, births and cesareans, "he said.

The SSM indicated the above while the results were obtained from the samples sent to the state health laboratory and the general hospital itself.

He added that as long as the services in those areas are being restored, those in need of attention are channeled to the Women & # 39; s Hospital in Morelia or to other nearby hospitals; In the event of an obstetric emergency, it will be attended in the general hospital.

Although the state health department said that eight out of nine patients are stable, the relatives of the women rejected that official version.

Before the media, women's wives and fathers reported that the authorities had not clearly communicated to them the reasons that caused these symptoms in their families.

They asked them to properly examine the reasons for the atypical reactions in the health of their patients, because according to the information given to them by the medical staff of the hospital, a woman had to have an operation for an abscess one day before their relatives became sick. . contagious and that those who had cleaned the operating room were not trained for it.

Family members said that, despite the above, the infectious disease specialist told them that the most likely symptoms are that the women have symptoms as a result of the anesthesia applied to them.

However, they claimed that their doubts increased when the hospital authorities did not allow them to transfer their patients to a private clinic, arguing that they could cause an infection elsewhere.


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