Sandra Vaca was the third filter in the recruitment of young people for Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez

Vaca Cortés kept mobile phones and bags with women who entered the PRI-DF with steward sessions or secretaries, to protect Gutiérrez de la Torre and the operation of the prostitution network in that political party.

On 2 April 2014, a research team for journalism announced that at least three women recruited with deception other young women aged 18 to 32 to provide sexual services the then leader of the PRI in Mexico City, Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torre.

The report began with the individual testimony of four women who They found an advertisement in the newspaper El Universal to work as hostesses or receptionists in a supposed government office.

Already in the interview that took place in an old building in Puente de Alvarado 60, Colonia Tabacalera, office of the PRI-DF that housed the territorial movement in 2014 in Mexico City, it was offered to single mothers, divorced or students who offered sexual services to Gutiérrez de la Torre, a powerful leader of pepenadores who inherited the business from his father, Rafael Gutiérrez Moreno, known as "The Czar of Trash".

The three recruiters from Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez

Three women they did the recruitment and filtering at the same time to select the girls.

The anonymous reporter who he infiltrated the prostitution network of Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez He had them face-to-face for almost four hours, a time course consisting of a recording without cuts or editions.

Between fear and nerves, the Anonymous reporter could identify two using photos taken in the vicinity of the then PRI leader and after following their daily activities for more than 15 days, including a course for female empowerment in the port of Veracruz from 20 to 22 March 2014.

The first filter was Adriana Rodríguez, who answered the phone numbers of the advertisement published in El Universal. With this first woman telephone appointments were planned in the offices of the head of PRI. His voice was recorded during the working appointment.

Claudia Priscilla

The second filter was Claudia Priscila Martínez González, enrolled in the PRI salary administration as an administrative assistant but that he actually enjoyed all the confidentiality of Gutiérrez de la Torre, since he was a member of the PRI-DF Departmental Justice Commission.

In addition, Priscila was a deputy candidate for the PRI with the Senate of the Republic in formula with Tonatiuh González Case, present coordinator of the PRI delegates in the first congress of Mexico City.

Your sister, Marisol Martínez González was also on the payroll of the capital PRIbut it was also the one who paid for the advertisement published in a national circulation newspaper, according to the investigation by the Electoral Institute of the Federal District (IEDF) of this case.

The voice of Claudia Priscilla was the one who revealed the true intentions of the work offered to young women, who did not have many options to refuse to cooperate with the PRI after they had already agreed to the next phase.

Sandra Vaca

Claudia Priscila Martinez announced to the woman who was the third and last filter: Sandra, the coordinator of hostesses, It was strategically located in an adjoining office, equipped with a dressing room and a mirror, in the office of Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez.

Sandra was completely identified by the anonymous reporter, thanks to a series of photos taken during the empowerment course of women the management of Gutiérrez de la Torre organized and paid in Veracruz in March 2014.

During that trip, the hostesses were not allowed to live with the rest of the guests, and the security was in charge of Sandra herself.

The full name of the coordinator and watchdog is Sandra Esther Vaca Cortés, at that time private secretary of the PRI leader and current deputy of the PRI in the Congress of Mexico City.

His work was Coordinating the rooms of the young people hired at Gutiérrez de la Torre and guarantee the "personal attention of the PRI".

Two sisters of Sandra Vaca, Luisa Stephany and Mónica Yanahuitl, they were part of the PRI-DF payroll in 2014, with positions of administrative assistants, the same that was granted to young women who were part of the prostitution network.

The salary that was offered to young women It was 11 thousand pesos each month, plus prices and incentives for sexual services loaned to Gutiérrez de la Torre.

Before you talk to Sandra Vaca, the girls were instructed to "become beautiful" and they were warned that they could be selected on the same day to have their first sexual encounter with Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez.

Sandra Vaca was not the only one who selected the women who passed with Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez, It was also responsible for maintaining the bags and mobile phones of the victims to protect the PRI.

It was one of the greatest risk moments for the anonymous reporter: he had to leave his personal belongings, including the tape recorder, in the hands of his potential perpetrators.

The other moment of tension and nervousness was the face-to-face interview with Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez in his office as president of the PRI-DF, for the possibility that he has applied for a sexual service at that time.

After releasing both moments, the anonymous reporter left the place with the argument that that day had a medical appointment and that he would go back to work the next day, which he clearly did not do anymore.

Claudia Priscila Martínez González and Sandra Esther Vaca Cortés nodded and they stayed with the false curriculum of Daniela Mendoza, the identity with which the reporter ran the risk of registering and revealing the prostitution network that operated on behalf of Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez in the PRI-DF.

Claudia Priscila disappeared after giving a false testimony for a public prosecutor's office, a unit that refused to investigate the crime of lies perpetrated by the PRI, despite the existence of a record showing that they are lying,

If you do however four years later, the fate of impunity still laughs against Sandra Vaca, who went from the main recruiter for that network of prostitution to local PRI substitute.

The accusations obtained by Vaca Cortes have always been achieved by the hands of Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torre and Tonatiuh González Case, former Secretary General of the capital PRI and current head of the tricolor bank in the First Congress of Mexico City.

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