Segob asks AMLO to hold presidential general staff at the protest

MEXICO CITY (AP) .- The Interior Minister, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, said they have asked the team of elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to preserve the presidential state of May during the ceremony of the change of powers.

This is because Andrés Manuel López Obrador has announced the disappearance of the company as soon as he takes over the presidency of the republic, which in practice will take place on the first minute of 1 December, hours before the official ceremony.

In an interview for the news program Despierta con Loret, the federal official said that they expressed this wish to the team of López Obrador during the first official transition meeting held yesterday in the National Palace.

"We have noted that the security of the elected president and even of his officers who surround him and that entails some risks is a priority for us, and we are willing to support and (they) have been left to to give us a quick response to this approach ".

"We propose to maintain a security plan outside the administrative structure, the EMP certainly has a function for years and is an effective and viable structure, but it is up to the new government to take decisions," he added.

In another issue, López Obrador said that technical and financial information was collected on the ease of maintenance of the New Mexico City International Airport at its current location.

The position of the next president, he said, "is changing and they are guiding their campaign offer with technical information, which will enable them to make the best decision and with perspective".

The still president Enrique Peña Nieto, finished Navarrete Prida, at all times defended the viability of the project the same against López Obrador that before society.

"In the conference itself, he pointed out that they were still doing a series of necessary and already agreed works not to postpone the project any longer.The president was very clear that until the last day of this government the project will continue , "he said.

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