SEMAR prevents the name of bitch Frida from being registered in IMPI

To use the name "Frida Marina" for the commercialization of products, the secretariat of the navy (Semar) asked the Mexican Institute for Intellectual Property (IMPI) to register it.

Amulet of the dog Frida is still exhausted in the Sonora market

The secretariat has asked the agency to cancel the request of the brewers' association of the Mexican Republic, which has promoted registration with this name for use in the sale of beer, clothing and footwear.

According to information from The Universal, in the file with folio 1953576, the Semar is asked on October 2, 2017 to own the name of the Labrador dog of the Canine Unit and to prevent the rights of the brand to be granted to the Brewing Association of the Mexican Republic September 2017 only six days after the earthquake of September 19, before the IMPI registration of the brand "Frida Marina". At the request they would have attached a photo of the animl as a symbol.

The association requested the registration to be used for the sale of beers, soft drinks, mineral water, but also in coats, shoes, blouses, caps and dresses. Therefore Semar asked the IMPI not to grant the rights to ensure that the brand and its design were a symbol of a state institution, which is prohibited in Article VII, paragraph 7, of the Industrial Property Law.

"We can confirm that the rescue dog Frida and / or Frida Marina is a symbol of Semar, because her work in the service of this dependence has been widely disseminated by national and international media, as well as in social networks, in such a way that the public it identifies as an emblem of that institution, especially for the rescue work in which it contributed to the 19 September earthquake, as well as in other countries, "the agency said.

The secretariat also said that the brewers' guild's request "deceived or caused the error for consumers" by making them believe that Semar had given their permission and permission for the distribution, sale and reproduction of a symbol of that institution ", and non-existent, so the records must be refused. "

"Frida rescue dogs can not be associated with the consumption of alcohol or commercial activities of a third party, because this would cause damage to children and the image of the institution," he said.

On 20 February, the IMPI decided to grant Semar the brand registration for "Frida Marina". The dog has been involved in investigations and rescue operations since 2010 in various disasters.

In total we succeeded in finding 53 people, of whom twelve were in the flesh. From the labradarace it is part of a group of 270 trained dogs that exist throughout Mexico and belong to the Semar.

His coaches have indicated that the dog has not undergone any change in his behavior after the national and international recognition he gained after participating in the rescue work of September 2017, and dedicates most of the day to his training and learning to help in emergency situations. .

According to information from The Universal the dog has been in service for eight years, has daily training routines, breaks and frequent visits to the vet.

With information from El Universal.

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