Senate will reduce costs by 30%, says Batres

The next Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Senate Chamber, Martí Batres GuadarramaHe said that will drive the proposal so this legislative body Reduce their expenses in 30 percent and promised later that an evaluation will take place to decide "whether a larger reduction is necessary" or not.

He described his proposal as "a good step forward", arguing that in recent years there has been no decline in the finances of this legislative body.

In an interview with MILENIO, at least three hours after his appointment, he was asked how the austerity policy in the Senate will be.

In addition to his idea of ​​reducing costs, he committed himself to it remove the bonuses that senators enjoy and make an adjustment in the amount of the diet they receive, "that the senator deserves what a state secretary is," he explained.

Member of MORENA, Batres, promised that his caucus, who will have a majority in the Chamber of Senators -55 of 128 seats – will be will adopt as "a majority dialogue and construction of agreements."

This in the hands of the Labor Party and Social Encounter with which the coalition Together We Will Do History was formed in the last elections; but also open "contacts and agreements" with the rest of the political forces.

It will be next Wednesday, when Batres will take up the protest in his position and in parallel the Chamber of Senators will be installed.

He announced that the 64th legislature, which will formally begin on September 1 with reading the latest presidential report, will promote an agenda in line with the 12 measures announced by the elected President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

These issues would reduce the President's salary, move the Presidential General Staff, eliminate the Presidents' pensions, abolish jurisdiction, revoke the mandate and consider corruption and electoral fraud as serious; besides solving the issue of violence, among others.

He acknowledged that the departing senators "leave an agenda, but it will also change the agenda, there are very important issues, there is a difficult stage of change."

On the route the Senate will follow in international affairs, he said that Mexico should lead by example; He pointed out that in different parts of the world "there are strong problems and we have ours".


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