Seven years after the attack on the Casino Royale there are questions to former officials … and none processed

MONTERREY, NL (good) .- Seven years after the attack of Los Zetas in Casino Royale, where 52 people died, no former official was prosecuted.

During a press conference, deputy prosecutor Luis Enrique Orozco reported that three preliminary investigations have been initiated against civil servants, although he does not know how many have been investigated and whether the crimes have already been prescribed.

He pointed out that these people, of whom he has not made a name, are being investigated for "harmful acts" by not taking care of laws and regulations, as is the case with former civil protection officers of the state and of this municipality, who would be responsible for negligence.

To explain the delay in the progress of the investigations, Orozco Suarez emphasized that the new attorney general's office had been in office since March, so it is still in the "evaluation" phase of the cases that the prosecutor General has replaced. of Justice (PGJ).

On the eve of the seventh anniversary of the massacre, the deputy public prosecutor said that the responsibility for the delay lies in any case with the missing PGJ, led by the current mayor of Monterrey, Adrián de la Garza Santos.

"I could not give any explanation or justification for the reasons why these seven years have not been solved I could not make a specific assessment of the file (the Royale file) What I want to say is that the status of the research is the one that I name it: the Public Prosecution Service has continued the course of the establishment of the processes, and this is not a few pages, it is immense, "he said.

And he emphasized that, for the time being, he can not give any conclusion about the way he found the files.

The deputy public prosecutor stated that 18 people were arrested on August 25, 2011, of whom one died in the Topo Chico prison.

Of the 17 who remain alive, he said, only four are convicted with sentences ranging from 75 to 100 years in prison.

"17 people are held in jail because of their probable or full participation, another who has already died in events that took place in prison, in a riot, the rest was interned in the Topo Chico prison or in various penitentiary centers in the state or country, "he noted.

Of the total of those responsible for the attack, he added, three promoted amparo studies to supplement their processes; there are four of the cases that are suspended because of torture claims; two procedures are at different stages of the procedure, and three other arrest warrants are pending for the execution of the arrest warrants already held.

None of the arrested has been released, he said.

In the same way he specified that the Zetas capo's ordered the attack: Baltazar Saucedo, The Mataperros; José Alberto Loera, The tension; Roberto Carlos López Castro, Toruno; Javier Alonso Martínez Morales, Javo; Miguel Ángel Barraza Escamilla, Barraza, and Jonathan Emmanuel Estrada, The Horns, the last one killed in the state prison.

The other detainees behaved like hawks in the operation at the Casino Royale, where the victims fled from the smoke that caused the fire.

According to the non-commissioned public prosecutor, the property is still insured by the Attorney General's Office, which also has folders open to those accused of organized crime.

He also revealed that 21 of the mourners agreed with part of the compensation provided by the company with which the casino owner had insured.

The director of the traditional Jesús Candelario Sánchez González system and the director of the state agency of investigations, Esteban Cantú, attended the press conference.

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