She is arrested for killing her six-month-old son in Cuautitlan, Edomex

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The strokes received by one six months old baby, who died before he arrived at the La Aurora Medical Center, led to the arrest of his mother, Elvira, 22 years old, which was transferred by ministerial officials of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) to the Cuautitlán prison, where a judge ordered his arrest in the investigation by the murder of his son.

Elvira was arrested after his baby had blown all over his body, which could be provoked with the hands of an adult or with an object, the sources of the FGJEM.

The 22-year-old girl had not registered her baby, so the child did not have a formal name because she did not have a birth certificate of the Civil Registry, sources of the Public Prosecutor's office informed; the woman lived in Lomas de Cuautitlán, where she and her partner moved the child to the La Aurora Medical Center after her son stopped crying and stopped responding.

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Medical staff to see that the child had no vital functions and sustained injuries in various parts of the body and even in the skull, informed the prosecution after they had determined that the child had died.

The child was under the care of his mother, so she will be the one who must answer before a judge, not only for the injuries that her son has filed, but also for the death of the baby because of an allegedly beaten, informed authorities of the FGJEM

Personnel from the Mexican prosecutor's office conducted an investigation that showed that the child was only under the care of his mother, who would have beaten him, caused various injuries and lost consciousness. "

The woman "was admitted to the Penitentiary and Social Rehabilitation Center in Cuautitlan, Mexico, where she remained at the disposal of a judge who will determine her legal situation for the crime investigated," said Mexico's prosecutor.

Elvira "must be considered innocent until conviction is pronounced against him," said the authorities of the FGJEM.


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