Sheinbaum will meet with Jiménez Espriú to discuss the consequences of the NAIM

CDMX .- The elected head of government Claudia Sheinbaum, will meet with the next secretary of Communication and Transport Javier Jiménez Espriú, to manifest the ] consequences and compensations that will be required by Mexico City in the case of the ratification of the construction of New Mexico International Airport in the country of Texcoco, State of Mexico . 19659002] "I am looking for the (next) secretary of communication I saw it, but we did not touch the subject anymore They have it clear, it is very clear what the issue is of leaving the Mexico City Airport if the new one remains in Texcoco, we are going to seek to recognize this part in the consultation that will be done ", explained Sheinbaum Pardo .

After a technical study, the elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated this Friday the idea to hold a public consultation in October to decide whether the project of the new airport ] would be continued or that it would complement the current Mexico City with the creation of more indications in the air base of Santa Lucia. Claudia Sheinbaum assured herself for the consultation that it is viable and will participate, but clarifies that it will not influence the decision of the citizens

"Every citizen who decides in an informed manner, I will not some way to guide, that the men and women of the City decide freely, "he said, interviewed in his transition house .

He reiterated that two important issues are: what would be the compensation for the capital by the exit of the airport and what would be done in the countries that would be leaving the current terminal, where, according to him, a development of real estate will not allow . 19659002] He further argued that if the airport goes to Texcoco the federal government will be the one who must compensate the economic [19459008] effects urban and social are derived.


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