Simulated to search for & # 39; Rafita & # 39; to confuse the police

Ciudad Juárez- The accused of murdering the child David Rafael Santillan Vargas was not only aware of the actions taken by the family in the search for the child, he also succeeded in the investigation to follow up and advise the grandmother of the mother about what to do, assured friends of Frida Vargas, mother of the 6-year-old boy.

Laura Contreras Barrón, assistant to the mother of "Rafita", arrived yesterday afternoon to visit her friend, whom she had accompanied to the cemetery to say goodbye to the child.

The woman found the house alone occupied by the Santillán Vargas family and told her surprise when she heard that Rosalío Soledad Morales, the likely murder, was the man she spoke to on Monday morning. (Luz Sosa)

"I did not think he was responsible, but when I saw him (in the media), I was surprised because I spoke to him", says Laura.

Rosalío, the man who reportedly was deprived of life for the child, he fooled everyone because he was in the trap of investigations, marched and said that he had found the child, the woman said.

"He did what he did and still had the cynicism of walking here, that is not Okay, the child is wrong, he should not come here, he joked the family," he reproached.

He told that Rosalío, 23, told her and another friend that he was the body of "Rafita." [19659002] "He said he was going to work and had hidden to make pictures of the van and the people who threw the body into the clandestine rubbish so they would not see it, "he recalled.

According to the investigations conducted by the office of the Prosecutor General of the State (FGE) the likely killer kept the body or child for almost five days in a closet of his house, located just behind the house occupied by the grandmother of the mother who was in charge of the care of the child.

The detainee has a sentence for sexual abuse in the 2015 against a minor of 13 years, as well as for drug trafficking and theft.

The accusation states that Rosalío placed her neighbor in the house and apparently hit him on the floor or wall.

the researchers who saw two armed men in a red truck dropping a bag with the child's body, according to the file.

Part of this version was named by Rosalío to Frida's girlfriend, who even recommended that she take care of herself. "They did not kill him."

"I thanked him for finding the child, I told him & # 39; be careful, if they discover that they can kill you & # 39; because he said the men were stoned, & reminded Laura

He added that grieved the death of the child.

"I feel bad because I hurt what happened to the child, because he could be one of my children, he does not use what he did with a helpless creature because he just started live. "

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