Sonora electoral court hands over a "pluri" deputation to Morena and gives it to the PRI

HERMOSILLO, son. (Approved) .- The complete Electoral State Court (TEE) of Sonora, approved by majority, will transfer a plurinominal deputation to Morena to grant it to the PRI.

This profession obtained in favor of the tricolor was accredited to the PAN and drawn up by María Dolores Duarte, as mentioned in the list of agreements and in the judicial logbook of public sessions of the Sonoran court.

In favor of the complaint source – with folio RQ-TP-39-2018 and additions – the magistrate president, Carmen Patricia Salazar, and the magistrate of the first presentation, Leopoldo González, spoke. By contrast, the magistrate of the second presentation, Jesus Ernesto Muñoz.

The ruling of this court is based on the provisions of article 31 of the Constitution of Sonora, which warns: "No political party, coalition or joint candidature may have more than 21 delegates for both principles (by popular election or proportional representation)".

It is also provided for in Article 17 of the Law on Electoral Institutions and Procedures for the State of Sonora (LIPEES) and is laid down in Article 116 of the Constitution.

In this way Morena would retain 21 of the 33 local councils and the PRI would add a fifth element to his caucus in the incoming sixty second legislature.

With this resolution, the morenista Juanita Martínez Matus would be left without the seat assigned to her by the State Electoral Institute in the local Congress and, instead, the secretary general of the Sonora PRI, Jorge Villaescusa, would enter.

A PRI "robbery"

The morenista representative for the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the Sonoran coalition "Together we will write history", Adolfo Salazar, pointed out that the decision of the magistrates is a "robbery" against the future caesus of Morena, after Act 288 promoted by the governor, Claudia Pavlovich, with which she won an all-powerful "executive veto" and reformed the local constitution.

"It is a step further in that coup to the legislature that began with the reform package of the Constitution, then the PRI and the government of the state still have one seat at the electoral court," he blamed.

Salazar said that the withdrawal of the proportional deputation was due to an adjustment of the total number of votes that favors the PRI in terms of underrepresentation in the local Congress.

"What this court does is give the PRI the privileges that denied the polls," he summarized.

Morena and her co-defendants will promote a process of constitutional scrutiny for the Regional Chamber of the Judiciary of the Federation, based in Guadalajara, to challenge the decision of the Sonoran court.

"The decision of the magistrates is untenable because it is not the only case, systematically, the resolutions they dictate are attached to the interests of the PRI, set aside the interests of the citizens and what the law requires," he accused .

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