Start debris removal in the Rébsamen; Sheinbaum makes travel for census of victims (video)

CITY OF MEXICO (apro) .- After two dates postponed and eleven months after the collapse, this Monday started with the debris removal of the school Enrique Rébsamen, where 19 children and seven adults died, after the earthquake on 19 September.

In his Twitter account, the Ministry of Works and Services (Sobse) reported that the demolition work is being carried out "by court order and with the help of experts and parents." Moreover, they were made in the presence of experts in photography and forensic of the office of the Prosecutor General of the capital (PGJ-CDMX)

Before these works, the parents of some victims oppose the removal of rubble twice, arguing that demolition would be an obstacle to investigating the irregularities the school had to deal with, including the construction of the director's department, Mónica García. Villegas, currently fleeing from justice.

Last Thursday, the 16th, the lawyer, Edmundo Garrido, met parents of the children who died at the school, and then announced the agreement that the removal of debris this Monday would start, although not completely, but only the fence that to the border borders neighbors and the collapsed area.

According to the agreement, the work on the grounds at Rancho Tamboreo, number 11 and 19, Colonia Nueva Oriental, Tlalpan delegation, will be carried out in a segmented manner and always in the presence of relatives of the victims.

Removal work. Photo: Marco Antonio Cruz

At the beginning of the work, the neighbors of the building expressed their annoyance because they said that no authority warned them of whether they would close a street, and that is why they were "locked up" in their homes.

Meanwhile, the deconcentrated public prosecutor of the PGJ in Tlalpan, Alicia Rosas Rubí, confirmed that the investigation into the crime of culpable murder is still ongoing.

Sheinbaum starts guided tours

In turn, Claudia Sheinbaum, the head of government elected, guided tours of the affected areas of the capital by the earthquake on September 19, with the aim of carrying out a census of victims, as well as awaiting infrastructure issues and in the multifaceted family that your reconstruction project helps, is well prepared and covers the real needs of affected people.

According to information from Notimex, the tours started in the Xochimilco delegation, where the morenista said that support will be direct, but not with money, but the reconstruction of the affected houses.

He explained that in San Gregorio Atlapulco should also pay attention to drainage, drinking water system and roads, so that an extensive program for each original city will be applied. He also confirmed that markets, schools and businesses will be rebuilt.

According to Tlalpan's former delegate, the main problem of reconstruction is that the current government of the capital "did not carry out any census and supported the victims in a customer-oriented way" because who of the PRD was "helped and those who were from other political institutions were put aside. & # 39;

In the next board, he said, that will change, because the interest "supports everyone", that is why he makes trips in the affected areas to know the opinion of the victims.

The next local president said that in his government the management of resources will be transparent and that no one will be without support.

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