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Zacatecas, Zac. – This Monday give more than 500 thousand students from the various educational levels and 34,000 090 thousand teachers and directors, start the new scholastic cycle 2018-2019 in the organization of zacatecana, according to estimated statistics of the State Secretary of Education of the State of Zacatecas (Seduzac).

This day begins the first phase of implementation of the plan and programs of study of the New Education Model, for the three classes of kindergarten, first and second of primary and first of secondary; a million 19,000 090 teachers have been trained throughout the country for the successful implementation as part of the Continuous Training Strategy.

Zacatecas has a total of five thousand 372 educational institutions, 20 thousand 182 groups and more than nine thousand employees as administrative and support staff.

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In primary educationincluding initial training; preschool education; primary and secondary education, The total number of students in public and private schools is 367,179 students.

In higher secondary education: technical professional and baccalaureate, a total of 97 thousand 928 young people, in higher education: normal and superior school 56 thousand 321 and in Special education and for adults: special and basic education for adults 12 thousand 650.

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) has issued the school calendars for this new school year, in the 185 days for primary education that is included for public and private schools that are included in the national education system, lessons start on Monday, August 20 and culminate in the June 24, 2019.

With regard to the 195-day calendar, the activities will start on Monday, August 20 to end on July 8, 2019on the other hand, for the 200-day calendar for normal education and the training of teachers in primary education, in force for public schools and persons included in the national education system, the activities start on 20 August and end on 15 July 2019.

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The first holiday period included in the three types of calendars corresponds from Thursday 20 December 2018 to 4 January 2019; the second from Monday 15 April to Friday 26 April 2019 corresponding to the Easter holidays.

For this new cycle 2018-2019 in primary education, three million 126 thousand 909 free study books were distributed in ZacatecasAccording to the National Commission of Free Handbooks (Conaliteg) at national level, a total of 200 million copies were delivered to 25.4 million students and 1.2 million teachers in the 226 thousand public and private schools.

In the country as a whole there will be 36.6 million students in the National Education System at 258 thousand schools with support from 2.1 million teachers. Within these statistics 1.9 million young people are in training for work and 88.4 a thousand students will follow normal education.

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The total stock of primary education corresponds to one thousand 492 titles: 132 are preschool; 104, primary school; 478, high school; 43, of telesecundaria, 237, of special education; 34, in indigenous languages; 84, corresponding to the National English Strategy; 34, from the National School Coexistence Program and 39 titles for telebachillerato.

With the registration of the new educational model, books for blind students are also delivered, so that they can be integrated into the school on a regular basis, books for the national English program (PRONI), school time libraries and others.

The Conaliteg has an internet portal to make available a catalog of 513 titles approved by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), especially in high school books, as well as 50 additional English-language books so that the teacher can select the book be resumed to give a specific subject.

The official bridges are the days: November 2, 2018 Day of the Dead; Monday, November 19, 2018 Birthday of the Mexican Revolution; 4 February 2019 Anniversary of the Mexican constitution; 18 March 2019 Natalicio de Benito Juárez; May 1, 2019 Labor Day and May 15, 2019 Teacher & # 39; s Day.

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