Start the transition … with a sigh to Elba Esther

MEXICO CITY (APR). – Contaminated by the public appearance of Elba Esther Gordillo Morales, President Enrique Peña Nieto and who will succeed him, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has initiated the formal transition period of the government.

Sensitive issues, the educational reform and the absolution of the former magistrate leader, both accepted questions about this, even with their positions found and the expression of mutual respect.

Peña Nieto denied that the process that followed Gordillo Morales was politically motivated, in addition to defending the view that his government should generate reform in the sector. As López Obrador would also do, he said he respected the decision taken by the judiciary in recent days, but the chosen ones added that they would reverse the reform mentioned above.

After two previous meetings, Peña Nieto and López Obrador were accompanied by their respective cabinets, as a future president, because the ceremony took place in the official residence of Los Pinos, where the elected president will not live or send.

Despite the problems that separated them as the educational or new international airport of Mexico City, the two were friendly in tone and salutation. The PRI said that the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM) will continue as long as the government lasts.

Both celebrated coordination, the first emphasizing that there is a climate of respect, the second, for carrying out an institutional transmission in complete coordination.

Nevertheless, the difference between the two, exposed by Peña Nieto's diplomacy, was reflected in issues such as the selection of the next general, anti-corruption and prosecutors of the Electoral Affairs. For the President of Mexico, it is a process that must begin in the Senate and, as long as it does not start, he prefers not to give an opinion.

The future president has proposed short lists of the issue, but today he refused to go into details, except to warn that the prosecutors and defense and naval officers will be announced before 1 December.

Peña Nieto has just started the press conference, described the process as unpublished and had already identified the headlines for each area, and although they had already begun dialogue in different areas, the formalization of this afternoon will ensure that the next government has elements .

"I want to record the recognition of the president-elect of our country, for the openness, the willingness, for the interest that he has had in learning about governance issues and, of course, this government will respect the decisions taken from the first December, "said the Mexiquense.

The Tabasco also responded warmly and acknowledged the first that they had not intervened in the election process as other presidents did. For the recognition, Peña Nieto thanked him.

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