Stop trying to confuse the public: Adrián de la Garza

In an atypical session of the Cabildo de Monterrey, with a pannonist in the lower part of the palace, with an Adrián de la Garza Santos who received his certificate of elected city councilor a few minutes earlier, with a full stand, given the pre

With the presence of all the first level officials, and with a building guarded by dozens of police officers, the electoral issue came to the table and in that sense the PRI asked the PAN to stop "to confuse the citizens".

It should be noted that the issue of the PAN protest by the decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Nuevo Leon to grant the triumph in the election of the municipality of Monterrey to the PRI candidate, was put on the table in general matters by the PAN Councilor, Yolanda González Sánchez.

He asked that the Monterrey police would not provoke aggression among the demonstrators of his party who are in the low of the city palace.

"Please give instruction to the Monterrey police, so that they will no longer provoke aggression and allow the free stay of those who express peacefully in the lower part of the palace and guarantee respect for their human rights," said the PAN.

Before that speech, de la Garza Santos, who smiled throughout the session and was in constant conversation with the secretary of the city council and the treasurer, became serious, annoyed and asked the PAN to stop manipulating the information and the people.

"Enough to confuse citizenship, you have tried to manipulate the information, we have a video of everything", he emphasized.

Then to explain that the PAN's at no time asked not to demonstrate, but only leave room for the traditional Sunday dance with the elderly, which could not be performed.

"They were asked to remove the chairs and tables, not to remove the demonstration," insisted the mayor, who, after the end of his speech, was enraged by a room full of municipal officials, aldermen and syndicates.

They launch calls for municipal medals

On the other hand, during the first regular session of August of the Cabildo de Monterrey, the convocation for the delivery of three municipal medals was launched.

Two of them whose calls were governed by the Commission of Education and Culture and another by the Commission for Youth.

In the first two cases, the call for prizes was launched: "Diego de Montemayor merit medal", and the public recognition "Miguel F. Martínez", edition 2018.

While the third convocation was for the presentation of the "Medal of Merit of the Young Regia", edition 2018.

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