Student of UNAM was raped in the sight of pedestrians

A 22-year-old student was raped by a man who threatened her with a firearm, a few meters from your workplace. There were witnesses to the event, but no one intervened.

Amelia did her daily routine, which consisted of leaving her home for 6 am to work at 7 and & # 39; Afternoon to the FES Acatlán.

At about 6.40 a.m. in the morning, the student from the UNAM campus switched from public transport the crossing of Periferico and Primero de Mayo, in Nacucalpan, Mexico, where there are no police or security cameras. A man came to threaten her.

While I waited for the traffic light to cross the street, a man approached me and with a pistol he forced me to walk to the back seat and he placed me in dark places, "he said. The Universal.

The individual deprived her of her possessions.

The subject, whose smell was disgusting, immobilized me with his weapon. I was paralyzed while he beat me after I saw the cell phone & # 39; good & # 39; was hidden in his pants because I had already given him the phone for assault, my wallet and my log-in details, "Amelia explained.

Although there were witnesses, no one did anything to prevent this.

Some even turned around and looked at me with a look full of disgust, but nobody intervened. & # 39;

After the events, a man who went with her daughter accompanied her to her work, where she was waiting for her mother. thereafter, went to the public ministry (MP) in Naucalpan.

Amelia waited for more than seven hours without cleaning herself so that a doctor from the MP could see her. Because he had not eaten, he ate something. "You have influenced the evidence", they complained in the MP.

Amelia's belief that her colleagues did not do the same led her to do so a complaint that lasted almost 10 hours.

It seems that nobody cares about our safety, "the student complained.

Via El Universal

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