Students explode at CCH Azcapotzalco

Students of the College of Sciences and Humanities Azcapotzalco a strike of activities broke out in protest against the lack of teachers, the collection of registration fees and the removal of murals that the students had prepared.

The facilities of the campus would be closed according to the students from 3 pm, although a statement from the Azcapotzalco College of Science and Humanities at night reported that this campus will be open at the usual times on Tuesday, August 28th.

The students have delivered one package of requirements to the address of CCH Azcapotzalco which includes five points: clarification of the school budget, in view of the suspicion of misuse of funds; restoration of the mural of the school and permission for students to make new murals; assignment of teachers and schedule & # 39; s; punishment of abusive and inadequate teachers and administrators; clarification of the requirement of registration fees for students of all school grades.

With regard to the quota requirement, the students explained that at the start of the lessons in this school year they were asked to pay the fee of 25 cents, but that the courses were closed to make payment on campus and the young people were asked to make a bank deposit; financial institutions accept minimum deposits of 100 pesos.

"The problem with the administration began from the holidays when they were gone and covered in paint murals made by and for campus students, some were more than 3 years old and others were more than 10. The address tried to justify it, it was done by maintenance but if they really wanted to keep it, they would have repaired three very important murals that have not been maintained, those of José Hernández Delgadillo, Gregorio Escobar Contreras and Lucilio Belluno, "said Ivy Villagrán, student of the campus .

"At the beginning of the semester it got worse, in some cases they wanted to put together more than 3 groups in the same room without having assigned teachers, they are going to take one month's lesson and it's not clear where the teachers are, many teachers tell us that their salaries are not paid and we wonder where the money is, besides, the school is not maintained and, according to the organic law of the university, only 25 cents must be paid, but mandatory fees are demanded of 100 pesos, "added he's ready.

According to students' comments, there was an agreement to discuss the petition today with the address at 1 p.m., but the director Guadalupe Márquez Cárdenas was not present at the meeting with the students who decided to take the administrative building of the school; faced with this situation, they discovered the presence of joints, which had begun to attack the students, took the M building where they broke metal chairs and tables and thereby abused the students.

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