Take Morena Legislative Opposition

the PAN holds to be most and brunette it becomes the main opposition in the local congress.

With the distribution of the 14 plurinomial deputies who made this Friday, the Electoral Institute of the State of Guanajuato (IEEG) was defined as the formation of the next local legislature.

from 36 chairs the PAN will again have a majority 19 legislators, follow him Brunette with six, the PRI with three, the Green party three, PRD also three, Citizens' movement and new alliance with one each.

By unanimity, the General Council of the IEEG approved the allocation of deputies and deputies according to the principle of proportional representation (plurinominalities) in an extraordinary session this Friday.

The & # 39; pluri & # 39; -cast was as follows: five Brunette (three per list and two repetitions or best losers of the majority); three for the PRI; three the green; PRD, MC and Nueva Alianza, each one.

To those 14 who today gave the IEEG their steadfastness the 22 local deputies of relative majority whose coalition was for "Guanajuato forward (PAN-PRD)" won in 21, although of those 19 are representatives of National Action and two of the Party of the Democratic Revolution. The only district that pulled the "Front" was the VIII (in Salamanca) that Morena-PT-PES won.

Two state leaders of their parties will now be legislators: Ernesto Prieto Gallardo, from Morena; and Celeste Gómez Fragoso, for the PRI. The former will leave the leadership before acting as deputy, and the latter will remain as party leader as long as the PRI defines the process of relief in his committee.

The only group who announced that they already had a coordinator was the green party with Leonesa lawyer Vanessa Sánchez Cordero, who has experience as an advisor for her party in other parliamentary terms.

The bank of Morena will have a former PAN, Dr. Raúl Márquez Albo, who was a Leonese curator.

The two local delegates assigned to candidates who were elected and received the highest percentage of votes from the first minority group (Morena) were for: Ma. Carmen Vaca González (district XII, representing part of Irapuato) and Ma. Guadalupe Josefina Salas Bustamante (district XXII with head in Acámbaro and sum Apaseo el Alto, Coroneo, Jerécuaro and Tarandacuao).

The only party representative who was dissatisfied with the distribution of plurinomials was Rodolfo Solís Parga, of the Labor Party, who announced that he would offer legal means.

The board of the IEEG discussed the case of the PRD that applied in the district of majority I, with head in Dolores Hidalgo, to Angélica Paola Yáñez, owner and Alejandra Torres Novoa, who were the winners; and the same formula – but vice versa – was included in the plurinominal.

Alejandra Torres (who did not attend the session) will take the & # 39; pluri & # 39; and Angélica Yáñez take the relative majority, but both implicitly renounce their other position, leaving both without deputies.

What will be the LXIV legislature of Guanajuato on September 25 next.



José Huerta Aboytes

Celeste Gómez Fragoso

Héctor Hugo Varela Flores


María Alejandra Torres Novoa

Green party

Israel Cabrera Barrón

Vanessa Sánchez Cordero

Adán Velázquez Nava

Citizens' movement

Jaime Hernández Centeno

New alliance

Juan Elías Chávez


Ernesto Prieto Alejandro Prieto Gallardo

María Magdalena Rosales Cruz

Raúl Humberto Márquez Albo

Ma. Carmen Vaca González * (competed for the XII district)

Ma. Guadalupe Josefina Salas Bustamante * (fought for district XXII)

Source: IEEG agreement.

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