TEEP solves Morena's challenge for information requests in 3 days: TEPJF

Judges of the TEPJF have established that it is the responsibility of the local court to respond to the left party. The Superior Court has referred the lawsuit to the court in Puebla to conduct an analysis of the content of the replies.

The Superior Court of the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Department (TEPJF) approved the case to the local court of Morena's request for its analysis and resolution against the National Institute of Auditors' answers regarding requests for information; the given time was three days.

In public session, the magistrates solved the constitutional review procedure in which Morena presented the file SUP-JRC-171/2018.

They determined that it is the responsibility of the Supreme Court of the State of Puebla (TEEP) to know the provisions of the IEE and the reaction to the requests of the left party with regard to the preparation, the election day and the election results of local councils, city ​​councils and state governors.

The opinion stated that the local court should, as soon as it was notified of this resolution, resolve the case within three days and communicate its determination to the party. In the same way, you must inform the Superior Chamber of the TEPJF about compliance with the resolution.

Although they confirmed the decision of the local body that on July 27 rejected Morena's complaint, which in turn accused the IEE of failing to respond to their requests for information, the Superior Court rejected the lawsuit before the Puebla Court it perform an analysis of the answers.

In the file TEEP-A-065/2018 it was decided to reject the appeal, because it was assumed that it was accredited that the local governing body reacted to the petitions of the lopezobradorista party, so that the means of objecting had become ineffective .

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