That Friday was a kidnapping frustrated

Last Friday, in the neighborhood of the colony of 20 November in Mexico City, two people took a man from their home who were dedicated to buying and selling cars.

He was taken into a Tornado truck; Later they changed vehicles, a gray Buick Enclave, and went to the intersection of Circuito Interior and Eduardo Molina. There they fell into the metrobus job. A traffic officer marked the stop and approached the driver's window with the intent to break it. He managed to hear a scream:

– They take me kidnapped!

In the back seat he saw that one of the passengers was holding a person with his right arm around his neck. The driver told him not to listen. "He is my father-in-law, he is drunk, we are going to stagger him."

A few steps from the transit agent was the second police Ana Laura Martinez, a 24-year-old girl. Only a week ago they had given him that corner with the intention of obstructing the theft of transport – in a part of the Venustiano Carranza delegation that was severely punished for this crime.

Ana Laura had never been on the street. After passing the Police Academy, her superiors sent her to the radio station: for a year and eight months her work consisted of "channeling of emergency situations".

Today, when his image is in all newspapers and all media, I talk to her in the facilities of the Ministry of Public Security. He sports an impeccable uniform, without folds. He has put a very fine line of mascara on his eyes. Her shirt is so white that it looks like albea. One could repair his tie in the reflection of his shiny shoes.

"A police of the last generation", they tell me in the SSP.

During the eight-month period he was at the base, his work consisted of "reporting to C-2 and C-5" and requesting "help, medical units, urgent support to colleagues who had problems" .

Ana Laura was a link between what happened on the street and the dependencies that were responsible for resolving it. "I was always intrigued by everything I reported," he recalls. Because of the radio frequency I heard the events happen: the tragedies of a city where the violence does not stop, in which death and crime do not stop.

But she was always in a sort of limbo: "I never knew what happened in the end," he says. It means that the last part of those tragedies was always lost: what happened to the injured man who had taken the ambulance, who the victims of the attack were, what happened that killed that man for a taco-standard.

He asked Ana Laura why she was entering the police. He tells me that his father was a cop in the state of Mexico-he was fired 16 years ago-and that there are things in his blood.

-Which things? I ask.

– We can serve, help – he says.

That Friday, at six o'clock in the morning, Ana Laura arrived at Oceania Station. He judged, signed the present, was standardized and armed and went to his point. It had been eleven o'clock in that crazy transit line when things happened. He walked along the pavement next to the kiosk, the pit, the family, a company in the white line. All this in the midst of a hellish noise.

At 17:25 the transit agent asked for support: "In anticipation, partner, ask for support." Ana Laura obeyed. The driver of the Buick, who had descended, began to run through the interior circuit when he heard the siren of an approaching patrol (left left of the pilot a 9 mm left). The agent went after him.

Ana Laura surrounded the van from behind. When he was done, he saw that the second passenger had also fallen and now he aimed a pistol on his chest. "I thought this was not true," he says, "but I saw my life pass by, I saw my son pass by, I saw my family pass by." Ana Laura revealed the weapon of the attack and fired three times. He hit his assailant on the shoulder, somewhere in the hull … he does not know where else.

"I expected to have an impact on my face or chest, I already felt it, but the weapon got stuck." Injured, says Ana Laura, the man began to run, turned in the street Typography and collapsed a bit later. On the ground he asked for an ambulance and to give him water. He was taken to the Balbuena hospital. "Policewoman frustrates a kidnapping", the headlines would say the next day.

"I am proud, just proud," says Ana Laura, young and in her ugly shirt.

Good things must be told.

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