The & # 39; Mijis & # 39; and Mireles receive an honorary doctorate

Pedro Carrizales, better known as & # 39;The Mijisand José Manuel Mireles They were awarded the title Iberoamerican Doctoral, the recognition was granted last Saturday.

El Meis & # 39 ;, the current local deputy for the Labor Party, formed the & # 39;Popular youth movement& # 39 ;, An organization with which she has tried to help street children and especially to make this marginalized sector visible San Luis Potosí.

The expaler was a promoter of peace between gangs. & # 39; The Mijis & # 39; has pointed out that he has been discriminated against because of his appearance and violent past, he also ensures that his leadership will remain small for all he will do when assuming his position.


the Me is and Look at them They were part of the 12 people who were recognized yesterday by the Ibero-American Ph.D. faculty in Pachuca, Hidalgo, because they were excellent in their profession or altruistic work.

José Manuel Mireles took up arms to be part of the self-defense movement in Michoacán and took over security in places like Tepalcatepec, La Ruana and Buenavista. Since 2013 he was self-defense leader.

On 27 June, Mireles was arrested and accused of carrying weapons and violating the federal law on firearms and explosives.

Mireles is a doctor by profession and is recognized for helping in his community of health and safety. It was until May 2017 that he got his freedom back and in the past elections he sought a multiple deputation at Morena, but the Electoral Tribunal stopped his aspirations.

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