The authorities ask not to believe rumors about kidnapping children in Mexico

The authorities of different parts of Mexico posted on Friday reports, so the population does not believe the rumors about kidnappings of children spread on social networks, after such reports led to lynchings.

At least four people were beaten alive and burnt alive after spreading false reports that several children had been kidnapped.

A crowd set fire to two men in the state of Puebla on Wednesday. A day later, a man and a woman were forcibly taken out of a vehicle, beaten alive and burned in the state of Hidalgo, according to Attorney General Raul Arroyo.

Hours before the most recent lynching, the office of the Attorney General of the State of Hidalgo had published a copy of a badly written message that was broadcast on WhatsApp, the content of which is & # 39; error & # 39; was highlighted.

"Please let us be alert to the fact that a plague of robachicos has invaded the country, apparently this scourge of scammers is devoted to organ trafficking, since the reports of the last few days have children between 4, 8 and 14 years old. missed years old, which in some cases have already been found these little inanimate and with characteristics of having their organs, are open from the part of the abdomen and completely empty inside, "reads the false message.

Experts have long ago said that organs that are not extracted in a medical environment are unlikely to be available for sale.

Rumors of this type have spread throughout Mexico over the years, with all its violent consequences.

"These rumors are totally false," Minister of Foreign Affairs of State Secretary Mauricio Delmar of Hidalgo told Thursday at a press conference. "They have already cost lives."

He warned that people have fallen prey to collective psychosis.

The secretary of the government of Hidalgo, Simón Vargas, confirmed that "no one should do justice by his own hand".

"It is a phenomenon that takes place at national level," says José Arturo Delgado, Puebla coordinator of the Amber Alert project for missing persons, under the Attorney General. He noted that there are no confirmed cases of children kidnapped in Puebla.

The state of Jalisco gave a similar warning during the week about this kind of rumors.

In 1998, two men were tied, beaten and hanged on the Huejutla Square in Puebla. They would have kidnapped four local girls to sell their organs, although the authorities said there was no evidence that this was true.

In 2015, the inhabitants of Ajalpan, Puebla, defeated two young men who asked questions in the city.

In the case of Ajalpan, rumors had circulated about the abduction of children and it appeared that both youngsters were conducting a commercial investigation into the consumption of tortillas.

According to a study published in 2015 by researcher Leandro Aníbal Gamallo, lynches in Mexico go up and down at random. There were 23 cases in 2001. The figure rose to 49 in 2005 and dropped to 21 in 2006. There were 64 lynchings in 2011, the last year that includes the study.

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