The CDMX restores 110 plates with old names from the streets of the historic center

110 plates with the old street names of the historic center of the Mexico City They came back to life after the work of a sculptor and authorities in the city.

The Historic Center Authority presented the plaques on Monday in the Section Room of the National Numismatic Museum.

The nomenclatures date from 1869 and to 1928 and in them you can find curious and surprising names such as: C. de la Pila Seca, Calle de las Golosas, Callejón Gachupines, Calle de los Puentecitos, 2nd CD de la Amargura.

There are also names related to religion such as: C. de Sta. Teresa de la Antigua and C. del Hospicio de Sn. Nicholas.

The plates were recovered as part of a project between the Authority and the Cuauhtémoc delegation to preserve the historical memory of the city.

At a press conference, Jesús González Schmal, head of the Historic Center Authority, informed the national media that this required an investment of 150,000 pesos and that the work of the restorer was free.

In February last year another 200 records were found that were placed in buildings such as the Rule Building, the House of Hernán Cortés or the Hospital del Espíritu Santo and his church, among others.

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