The CNDH asks to guarantee the right of detainees to have links abroad

MEXICO CITY ( – The National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) has issued Recommendation 33/2018 on the right to maintain contact with the outside world of persons deprived of their freedom in the prisons of the country .

The recommendation is addressed to the Minister of the Interior, the governor and the governors of the entities, the head of the government of Mexico City and the national security commissioner.

The CNDH emphasized that maintaining ties is a fundamental tool for the social reintegration of prisoners.

For this it is necessary: ​​that the authorities of the prison system the services of family visit, intimate visit, visit of stands, visit of lawyers of defense, visit of social and religious help, telephone communication, correspondence and library, as well as various electronic means of communication, printing and computer equipment to learn, all within the security established by law and under strict external supervision.

The committee pointed out that it is necessary to implement it programs with co-responsible authorities, in accordance with national law of criminal enforcement to strengthen the participation of the family and social support groups.

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