The CNTE would file a new criminal charge against Gordillo for the murder of Misael Núñez

MEXICO CITY (APR). – Part IX of the National Coordination of Educational Workers (CNTE) announced that they intend to file a criminal charge against Elba Esther Gordillo on account of the alleged waste of trade union contributions and the murder of Professor Misael Núñez Acosta, committed in January 1981.

In a press conference this morning, the Secretary General of Section IX, Enrique Enríquez, stressed that in the National Representative Assembly on Saturday 25, the CNTE would discuss the possibility of "resuming, preparing or, where necessary, initiating" a new lawsuit against Gordillo Morales for the above crimes.

The leader of the Mexico City teachers explained that on that day the issue will be presented to the National Commission for Legal Affairs and Human Rights, arguing that the "dissident of the teacher" should be a "fair trial" for the exliders. search is locked up because of "expropriation and misappropriation of the resources of the teachers profession".

According to Enríquez, the authorities have "created such high crimes to eliminate them later." And we do not doubt the right of every Mexican to get out of prison because of old age, what we saw was the political nature of the arrest and the benefits it was given (Elba Esther) We say that she was given preferential treatment "in prison" at all times.

In his chance, Moisés López, of Support and Assistance to Education, has not ruled out the possibility of insisting on the termination given by the CNTE during the administration of Vicente Fox for the Special Prosecutor for Social and Political Movements of the Past (Femospp ), the alleged material authorship of Gordillo in the crime of Misael Núñez.

"It is an act of justice that we must continue to insist on conditions to be prosecuted and to pay the crimes committed," he said.

According to the teachers, the freedom of the exliders of the National Union of Educational Workers (SNTE) was a "staging", moreover, she emphasized, she knows how to use political moments very well. "We accuse Elba Esther of theft, not of naivety."

In 2002, the CNTE Elba sentenced Esther Gordillo and her predecessor, Carlos Jonguitud, to the alleged responsibility in the murder of Misael Núñez Acosta, and a year later the coordinator filed a criminal charge against "the teacher" expropriation and embezzlement of the funds of the teacher profession.

Requires clarity in consultation forums

Section IX of Mexico City also expressed its concern about the consultation forums for a "National Education Agreement", proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, because they said: "they do not play in the background the problem of the reform. "

Enrique Enríquez said that the information that has been made public so far shows the teacher movement the academic nature of the forums: "They do not touch the reform, but the process, the improvement of education (…) we can say, ironed or not (the forums) touch other aspects ".

The teachers have also criticized the fact that the call to the consultation, which was made last Monday, 20 & # 39; very general & # 39; is so far, it is not clear whether it will be covered by the withdrawal of the consultation. reform, a campaign promise by López Obrador.

"If they follow the call, they talk more about educational terms, theoretical, educational projects, but not about reform, and we read that it is two different things: on the one hand the initiative to withdraw the education reform and on the other hand the consultation."

Enriquez also said that there is a "lack of thematic axes", so he asked the incoming government for clarity on the methodology of the forums and their objectives.

"It is that they are not clear, they tell us what they are referring to, even to build forums, you first need to get in touch with interested people, what are the problems? What are we going to discuss? What is the thematic axis? way, an agenda of the forums is built, but at the moment they are building it from their perspective, it can be valid or not, what we ask is that the call is not clear, we need a broader one. & # 39;

In the National Representative Assembly that is preparing the CNTE for the following Saturday, teachers also want to determine whether or not they want to participate in the consultation forums for the National Agreement on Education & # 39;

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