The crime of Olayet

A news from those who are difficult to assimilate and who can hardly give objective treatment is the crime of Olayet Cabrera Carranco.

The woman who worked as a laborer in the municipal treasury of Pachuca, who disappeared on June 29 and was told yesterday that she died in circumstances where no one should ever die.

You imagine his life as an episode, let's say not beautiful or fairytale, but digestible. In our country we survive in situations of insecurity and a broken social fabric, but what to do in the light of the vulnerability of a circumstance that is as dense and deadly as the fact that we go to work and suddenly disappear more than 50 days until we are found in an unrecognizable state?

What should happen if someone puts the crime against someone else in his troubled mind against someone close to him?

We are not sure how things still happened in the case of Olayet, but the truth is that no opinion or sentence can restore his life or the thirst for justice of his relatives, who are never tired of searching, marching, for announcements to place, insist on it.

It is one of those cases that leave you with the bitter taste of defeat. Where does someone say, what is the effort in life when this happens? What is the purpose of good and evil when everything eventually ends?

The authorities also tried to explain something that can never be understood. What needs to be done is to answer all questions about Olayet's crime.

Who gave the order to leave his office on June 29 and supposedly go to the town hall for an amount for the payment of a payroll?

Who are paid in cash during these times, but with electronic transfers that is the most transactions, especially if it is a public authority?

Why is there a special operation, created and designed for the protection of account holders in Pachuca, that no patrol or municipal security personnel accompanied Olayet on his journey of less than 5 minutes from one point to another?

The victims can not only demand compensation for the damage, but they can also start a trial against the municipality, which if it stands up can lead to larger sanctions.

It is not just a number, or a bad game, or one of those situations at the wrong time and place.

From here to Sunday, the judge of the case will have to solve everything related to the same with the person arrested as a suspect of the crime of murder and theft.

What happened in Pachuca yesterday should not be repeated because of the simple fact that we can not live with fear and insecurity to go out every day to live without knowing if anyone can harm us or our families.

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