The design of the new ticket is controversial

The new family of accounts that will be phased in, starting today (Tuesday), will fulfill at least two purposes: to generate historical identity in the design and to increase the natural heritage of the country, said the Governor of the Bank of Mexico , Alejandro Díaz de León.

Presenting the first invoice of this family to be put into circulation, the 500 pesos, the central banker stressed that they would bring together a leading group of experts to determine the historical characters that would be in the designs, as well as the fauna and flora. that would include flora.

In this process specialists from the National Institute for Anthropology and History, the National Institute of Fine Arts, the Mexican Academy of Language, the Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology, the National System of Protected Areas, the National Council of Culture and Art, the Council for the Protection of Biodiversity and the National Institute for Statistics and Geography.

They also had the support of experts from the National Institute for Historical Studies of the Revolutions of Mexico, the Mexican Society of Authors, various study centers of UNAM, which include the field of the visual arts.

In addition to the care they placed in the call for multidisciplinary experts, the Bank of Mexico organized a seminar for map designers all over the world with which they could select the optimal raw materials for the new tickets, as well as the security elements that would include

This process of design, data collection, analysis and consultation to determine these characteristics began in 2013, said the central banker.

From Tenochtitlán to Independence

The new 50 pesorota, whose circulation has not yet been programmed, is the smallest denomination circulating in the country. It will have the historical process of ancient Mexico in its design and the representative ecosystem will be that of rivers and lakes.

According to the Bank of Mexico, the new family tickets no longer have the value of 20 pesos, which we have Benito Juárez for today. Portrait from today on the 500 pesorekening.

The 100 pesos has in its design the colony and the temperate forests. At the front the portrait of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz will return. On the back is the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. The new 200-pesor account will reflect the historical process of independence; In addition, the scrub and deserts have an ecosystem. At the front, this is illustrated by portraits of Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos.

The new design of the 1000 pesorota will represent the historical process of the revolution and reflect the wet forest ecosystem. On the front you can see Francisco I. Madero, Herminia Galindo and Carmen Serdán.

The Bank of Mexico has foreseen that, if it is necessary to issue the 2,000 pesos note, it will be done through thematic components: contemporary Mexico and dry forests. First a portrait of Octavio Paz and Rosario Castellanos; on the reverse, the agave landscape.

Under the lens of experts

Apart from reactions to social networks generated during the month of Monday, experts in communication design, graphic design and artists gave their opinion on the successes and blunders in the design of the new 500 peso bill.

That is the case of David Tirado, communication manager of Citi Private Bank, who sees possible confusion with the 20 pesorota: "We already have a (ticket) that looks very similar and they used the same colors, which lends itself to misunderstandings. very seriously, taking into account the fact that from the point of view of communication you want them to be different, with a symbol or colors and in this case there are not many differentiating elements, "he explained, adding that" with this (new card)) There are several combinations that come from the color code of the previous one, switching to cherry and pink tones, which is bad because you need the element 500 to identify that it is a ticket from that denomination. "

For its part, the artist Mariana Paredes talks about the loss of two large icons of Mexican culture in the previous ticket: "Consider (remove) characters that come from the exercise of citizenship and the arts such as Rivera and Kahlo are in the national representation to remove value from all art, poetry or literature and let us move on to the era of corporatist design, "he said.

As far as composition and aesthetics in general are concerned, Rogelio Corona, an expert in Branding, claims that "the technical details of the design are poor in the gradients and I consider it an unnecessary element to use the Bank of Mexico logo to use such a size large, because it visually competes with the denomination of the ticket and attracts attention to the face of Benito Juárez (…), also the colors used: blue, ocher and the green of the security elements are not at all The integration of the elements seems loose and coarse. "

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