The government of Puebla assumes security in Tehuacán

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Puebla – The Puebla government took control of security in Tehuacán, where the uniforms for their alleged ties will be investigated in cases of kidnappings, murders and assaults.

Tehuacán is the second most important city in the state and is governed by the mayor of the PRI, Ernestina Fernández.

It was yesterday at eight o'clock in the morning when the head of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), Jesus Morales Rodriguez and hundreds of state police concentrated in the town hall, where the headquarters of the company is located.

"We take control of the prison, the management of the police, the traffic management and the immediate response center [número de emergencia]"Morales said.

The state police reported that municipal agents were transferred to the capital of Puebla to conduct tests of trust checks and to confirm that they were dismissed as uniform.

He added that the municipality has 368 policemen and so far, they have not passed the reliability check tests, in addition to using usurp functions.

"Elements related to offenses will be transferred to the Public Prosecution Service and we will take the Tehuacán immediate response center alongside other areas of public security," he said.

During the operation five vehicles were found with theft report that were repaired and 13 people were arrested.

Morales Rodriguez explained that another found irregularity was that the emergency center (CERI) and the number of the municipal police were not connected to the C5 of Puebla.

This invasion by the state government in municipal corporations is the third, after San Martín Texmelucan and Chalchicomula de Sesma, where as a result of various criminal facts the alleged participation of municipal police has come to light, in addition to other irregularities in which they are involved checks of those businesses.

"Polluted municipalities". The decision to take Tehuacán's security through the state and the federal police, in addition to the military, is supported by the decree of Governor José Antonio Gali Fayad, who acknowledges that many municipalities, such as Tehuacán, are infected by the criminal incidence therefore a strong hand is required to shoot them down. The president said that at the beginning of his administration he knew that in some areas of the state he would be confronted with theft and theft.

"Unfortunately, many of the municipalities have been polluted for a long time, it has to be said, we are laying the wound in San Martín Texmelucan and things have changed, the state must be steadfast in the fight against insecurity," Gali said.

Risk area. San Martín Texmelucan was the first municipality to be occupied by the Puebla government last May when it was established that 113 police officers (some high commanders) were in conspiracy with criminals.

The region is in the Red Triangle zone, where the theft and sale of fuel grew, the clashes between elements of security with offenders increased, in addition to the appearance of disintegrations.

In June last year the same happened to 36 police officers from Chalchicomula de Sesma – among them a commander – to whom they imposed the trust control to exclude their ties in crimes such as abduction, murder and attacks on trains.

It will be until December when the government of Puebla retains control over security, as this is laid down in the decrees published in the official newspaper of the entity.

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